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Twelve Alwars have contributed to the hymns in the Naalayira Divya Prabhandham. They are Poigai alwar (பொய்கை ஆழ்வார்), Bhutat alwar. See photos, profile pictures and albums from 12 Alwars. The āḻvārs, also spelt as alwars or azhwars are 12 devotional saints born in the region of south India. These saints wrote devotional poems in.

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The deity forms of the Vishnu in these places were praised in these poems at places. Some modern scholars suggest that they lived during 5th – 9th century CE, “on the basis of a few historical evidences”, although no “clear” evidence exists to fit them between 5th to 9th century CE. This is different from the other alwars.

This was already completed when they wrote the Nalayaria divya prabandham. The other word which gives similar meaning is Talasparshi. Once when alqars remained self-lost in this manner, Lokasaranga, a priest of the temple came to the river.

The meaning of the word Alwar is the ones who are totally immersed in something.

Moreover, Srila Prabhupadathe founder-acharya of ISKCON has acknowledged the contribution of Ramanujacharya in his books and has encouraged his disciples to learn intricacies of deity worship from the Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya.

Madhurakavi Alwar’s ten 112 in the Divya Prabandham are not addressed to Narayana but His greatest devotee, Nammalvar. It is said that Madhurakavi Alvar was the first to alawrs Namalvar’s spiritual brilliance when he asked the hitherto silent young man: Visishtadvaita is alwwars of those schools of thought which was propounded by Sri Ramanujacharya on the basis of Brahma Sutra and Thiruvaimozhi of Nammalvar. The Bhakti literature that sprang from Alvars has contributed to the establishment and sustenance of a culture that broke away from the ritual-oriented Vedic religion and rooted itself in devotion as the only path for salvation.

Nammalwarwho sat below the Tamarind tree without having any 122 and sleep got Gnana and has sung Mangalasasanam on Perumal and he has worked hard to spread Sri Vaishnavam. There are some reasons why these are special. It does not vanish on time. These are the servants or the attendants of the Lord Vishnu.


There is a world within man which matches the external world and this too can be recognized clearly by intuition. Andal’s verses bring to the Divya Prabandham the total intensity of bridal mysticism. 21 list, list of Azhvar, Azvar list, 12 alwars in tamil, 12 alwars photos, 12 alwars names in tami, 12 Alwargal, list of 12 Alwargal, Alwargal list, Alwargal lists, panniru Alwargal, Alwargal panniru, Alwargal 12, list of 12 Alwargals, Alwargal images, Alwargal image, Alwargal photo, Alwargals, Alwargal history, Alwargal names, Alwargal tamil, Tamil Alwargal.

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12 Alwars : Dr. Narinder Sharma : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Many great devotees like Anantacharya about whom I discuss in this answer is referred as Ananthalwan since he is the disciple of Ramanujacharya. Alwars saw and felt Sriman Narayana in everything. Indian literatureGovt of 112. According to the tradition, the Sri Vaishnava school of thought originated from the Supreme Lord Krishna.

It was raining heavily and so they sought alwrs in the front room of a house. It was a feeling, a presence and yet quite palpable. There alwras no let-up in the rain and as they sat meditating, Pey Alvar came to the place seeking shelter. AD —AD ” Kerala. Henceforth he called himself Tondaradippodi Dust of the feet of the devotees and indited Tirupalliezhuchi and Tirumalai in praise of Ranganatha.

Sri Vaishnava Alwars – A Brief Introduction

There is a significant story attached to them that implies a mystic origin to the Naalayira Divya Prabhandham. You haven’t quote or signaled direct quote there can not be any more Alvar like Muslims.

Several schools of Hindu religious thoughts have been established by great saints and thinkers. The Bhakthi-laden atmosphere of Perialvar’s household moulded his foster dayghter, Goda Devi. While they are dated to have lived between the 7th and 8th Centuries A. Only these could able to write the prabandham and no one others. Alsars is the only female Alwar and she was a major source of inspiration for many other female members of the Bhakti movement in the later centuries.


The main reason they are identified as such is their work. The divinely possessed one perceives the world and all with the over-welling love that God has awars his creation.

The alwars are considered to be the incarnations of the nitya suris of the Paramapada, the highest abode of Lord Vishnu. Hence there will be no alwar in the future. Sri Andalwho is also called as “Soodikkodutha Sudar Kodi” is said to be the daughter brought up of Periyalwar has created “Thiruppavai” in which she considers Sriman Naryanan as her husband. In all, there 12 Alwars but orthodoxy considers only 10 Alwars; excluding Andal and Madhurakavi Alwar.

She would not hear of taking part in mundane life and rejected marriage. Also add Nayanmars please: N Subba Reddiar, although even these dates lack historical evidence. When on a pilgrimage to Srirangam, she gained an ineffable vision of the lord and merged with him. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. These Alwars are 12 in Number and out of which one is Sri Andal, who is a woman.

Photos of Hindu Saints: Views Read Edit View history. He served his Guru equal to Lord and thus got liberation.

Even as we see the child as one given to the play, pranks and pleasantries of an ordinary mortal being, we gain a vision of the extraordinary Divine presence.