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Single supply with operation down to 2. Low power CMOS technology. A standby current typical at 5. Self-timed write cycle including auto-erase. Page-write buffer for up to 2l4c21 bytes. Factory programming QTP available. Available for extended temperature ranges. The Microchip Technology Inc. This device is designed. Two modes of operation have been implemented: A valid high to low. The 24LC21 is available.

I 2 C is a trademark of Philips Corporation. All inputs and outputs w. Serial Clock Bi-Directional Mode. 24kc21 Clock Transmit-Only Mode. Soldering temperature of leads 10 seconds ESD protection on all pins Stresses above those listed under ” Maximum ratings “.

24LC21 Datasheet PDF

This is a stress rat. Exposure to maximum rating. High level input voltage. Low level input voltage. Input levels on V CLK pin: Hysteresis of Schmitt trigger inputs. Low level output voltage. V LCK must be grounded. After this period the first clock. Only relevant for repeated. Data input hold time. Data input setup time. STOP condition setup time. Output valid from clock.

Time the bus must be free. Output fall time from V IH. Input filter spike suppres. Byte or Page mode. Output valid from V CLK. V CLK high time. V CLK low time. As a transmitter, the device must provide an internal minimum delay time to bridge the undefined region.


This eliminates the need for a T I specification for standard operation. This parameter is not tested but ensured by characterization. For endurance estimates in a specific applica. The clock source for the. The 24LC21 operates in two modes, the Transmit-Only. Mode and the Bi-Directional Mode. There is a separate. Each byte within the memory array will be out. When the last byte in the memory. The device enters the Transmit-Only Mode.

In this mode, the device transmits data. Clock SCL pin must be held high for the device to. The device will remain in this mode until a.

When a valid transition on SCL is recognized, the. After V CC has stabilized, the device will datashset in the Datssheet. Nine clock cycles on the V CLK pin must. Mode is to remove power from the device. During this period, the SDA pin will be in a. On the rising edge of the tenth. The device will power up in the Transmit-Only Mode.

This mode supports a unidirectional two wire protocol. This device requires that it be initialized prior to valid.

24LC21 datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

In this mode, data is trans. The 24LC21 can be switched into the Bi-Directional. Mode see Figure by applying a valid high to low. The following bus protocol has been defined: Data transfer may be initiated only when the bus. When the device has been switched into the Bi-Direc. During data transfer, the data line must remain. This mode dztasheet a two wire bi-direc. In this protocol, a. Accordingly, the following bus conditions have been.


The bus must be con. Both data and datasheeet lines remain HIGH. Both master and slave. The state of the data line represents valid data when.

Each receiving device, when addressed, is obliged to. The master device must generate an extra clock. The data on the line must be changed during the LOW. There is one clock pulse per.

The 24LC21 does not generate any. The device that acknowledges has to pull down the. SDA line during the acknowledge clock pulse in such a. STOP conditions is determined by the master device. When an overwrite does occur it will replace data in a. A master must signal an end of data to the.

The write control byte, word address and the first data. But instead of generating a stop condi. The eighth bit of slave address determines if the master. The 24LC21 monitors the bus for its corresponding. It generates an acknowl. If the master should transmit more than eight. As with the byte write. It is required that V CLK be held at a logic high level in. This applies to byte write. Note that V CLK can go low. Page write operations are limited to. If a page write command.