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AK Ramanujan How many Ramayanas! Three hundred? Three thousand? At the end of some Ramayanas, a question is sometimes asked. About two weeks ago, Delhi University voted to remove A.K. Ramanujan’s essay, “Three Hundred Ramayanas,” from its curriculum. The scholarly essay by A. K. Ramanujan. “Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation.’ appeared in The.

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At first she uses the usual arguments: Or these translation-relations between texts could be thought of in Peircean terms, at least in three ways.

Thai audiences like Hanuman more than Rama. Here we shall look at only one example, the Thai Ramakirti. Indra bears the mark of what he lusted for, while Ahalya is rendered incapable of responding to anything. On the third day, he sat at the edge of the crowd and was so sleepy that he lay down on the floor and even snored. So he went in the evening and sat ramayxna the back.

He is talking to some people.

Ramanujan’s essay”Three Hundred Ramayanas,” from its curriculum. Subscribe to South Asia Citizens Wire feeds from sacw.

It is not an occasion for unambiguous rejoicing, as it is in Valmiki. Who can do that to Indra? His time was up too. Critical analysis of texts is an integral part of humanities and social sciences education.

Since the Ramayana was for centuries transmitted orally rather than on paper, it’s no surprise that there are variants in the story. Whole sections, equal in length to those on Rama and Laksmana’s birth. One must not forget that to some extent all translations, even the so- called faithful iconic ones, inevitably have all three kinds of elements. Therefore you will raayana your testicles.

Three hundred Ramayanas – Delhi University and the purging of Ramanujan

Rama lays siege to Lanka with his monkey allies, and in a brief section recovers Sita and is crowned king. It describes the waters as they are gathered by clouds from the seas and come down in rain and flow as Hoods of the Sarayu river down to Ayodhya, the capital of Rama’s kingdom. The king looked around and showed him a platter. Instead of pandering to unreason, the university should be true to itself, stand its ground and reinstate Ramanujan. Many later versions of the Ramayana take inspiration and draw from previous versions.


Here is a set of questions that a Jain text begins by asking: A supremely gifted poet immortalized the story of a famous individual in the form of an epic poem.

Ramanujan’s essay also discusses Jain tellings of the Ramayana. Indra tries to steal away in the shape of a cat, clearly a folklore motif also found, for example, in the Kathasaritsagara, ramanuujan eleventh-century Sanskrit compendium of folktales; see Tawney This part also describes the banishment of Sita, the birth of her sons, their war with Rama, Sita’s descent into the earth, and the appearance of the ramayaa to reunite Rama and Sita.

But a student who reads this will be led to believe that this was Hanuman’s character! This is akin to saying that the eggs that were used to make omelette became chicks, and over time contributed to the increase in the species of hen.

When he still resists ramanuajn idea, she is furious.

Three Hundred Ramayanas | OPEN Magazine

The only way forward is subsidiarity, more and more subsidiarity, and less and less posturing re. It contains false stories quoted under one pretext or oral and other sic without any authenticity.

According to Santosh Desai, nothing else of Hindu origin has affected the tone of Thai life more than the Rama story Desai If you can edit out inconvenient truths or inconvenient ways of seeing India’s history from university syllabi, or ensure that there is silence around many subjects — a discussion of religion, a discussion of Shivaji’s life or the lives of key players in the National Movement — you come one step closer to ensuring that it is only your narrow view of history and India that will gain ground.


He should not have allowed a decision to be reached on the work of a scholar like Ramanujan based on the voice of people who are not experts on this subject. Every author, if one may hazard a metaphor, dips into it and brings out a unique crystallization, a new text with a unique texture and a fresh context.

Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation

The count of Ramayanas in the title of the essay is based on a work of Camille Bulcke [1] and it has been pointed out that it is an underestimate of the actual count.

Let me outline a few of the differences we have not yet encountered. Page 1 of 1. The essay was a required reading on Delhi University’s syllabus for history undergraduates from onward. In the light of these historical facts, who do we credit for providing the inspiration to Valmiki? Origin and Development Hindi. Thus the oral traditions seem to partake of yet another set of themes unknown in Valmiki.

When he still resists the idea, she is furious. In this sense, no text is original, yet no telling is a mere retelling—and the story has no closure, although it may be enclosed in a text.

They also say that Ravana captured Indra and dragged him handcuffed into Lanka. The story may armanujan the same in two tellings, but the discourse may be vastly different. His wife was delighted that her husband had stayed through the night and asked him eagerly how he enjoyed the Ramayana.