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TOEIC Listening (Photographs) provides audio exercises based on part I of the TOEIC test written excellent preparation for other English exams. The TOEIC . TOEIC based listening comprehension answers – Read more about exercises, transcripts, refer, audio, toeic and comprehension. Download TOEIC Listening (Photographs) free via AppsHawk. TOEIC Listening ( Photographs) provides audio exercises based on part I of the TOEIC test.

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Checking the plans Queuing for propane gas TOEIC listening 31 toiec TOEIC listening 2 TOEIC listening 36 Riding a mountainbike An artist at work Pulling a rope A river view in Saint-Petersburg A horse guard parade in London Looking at the building plans Taking the dog for a walk White water rafting Playing field hockey A walk in the park A couple on a park bench A snow storm Two girls walking TOEIC listening 47 A happy man in the studio A pick up truck with plants A student smiling Chefs in a kitchen TOEIC listening 45 On the canal A girl with boxes An Asian puppet show At the kindergarten In the laboratory TOEIC listening 20 A white castle A tropical beach Click here to read more.


Examining lab samples The end of the pier Hiking in the mountains A worker using equipment A horse and carriage A doctor’s surgery TOEIC listening 25 A group photo with guitars A rural scene In the dock A stroll along the coast Beach volley ball jumping up In the toei A military base