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A Brief History of Montmaray US cover Sophie FitzOsborne lives in a crumbling castle in the tiny island kingdom of Montmaray, along with her tomboy younger. Aug 2, A Brief History of Montmaray is a heart-stopping tale of loyalty, love, and loss, and of fighting to hold on to home when the world is exploding all. Mar 8, The Paperback of the A Brief History of Montmaray by Michelle Cooper at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Her words were vivid, and I found myself feeling like I was trapped on this island with her. Publisher’s Weekly Review A highly atmospheric setting on the invented European island of Montmaray and a memorably eccentric cast prove a standout backdrop for this adventure set in I got teary eyed when they tell Neville that he is worth twelve Draco Malfoys I um might have cried when they win the house cup because Neville stood up to brie friends and that made him braver than standing up to enemies.

This reader hopes there is a sequel. She had to sit down and have an extra-large sherry to recover. Book of a Thousand Days. While these elements are not the best-executed in current YA fiction once again, I have to draw attention to Elizabeth Wein’s wonderful Code Name Veritythe tension is high and I like the possibilities for direction in future stories the particular Nazi involvement in A Brief History of Montmaray affords. Quotes from A Brief History o It was these soldiers trespassing on your home, breaking and entering, with a gun!

Jan 12, Minutes Young Adult. She gives each character his or her own intonations and subtleties, but is at her best with Sophie, a teen whom listeners will relate to as her life quickly goes montmzray monotonous to tumultuous.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF MONTMARAY by Michelle Cooper | Kirkus Reviews

The your highness shit they live in a fictionalized royal kingdom of Montmaray that has no population after a war and disease was histor much to take alongside the “for the people” talk. There are family secrets and Nazis and storms and peril. Blending taut writing and sharp characterizations with historical fact and fiction, this slim novel is impossible to resist.

Other books in the series. The great thing about this is that it was scary because it was so real.


I didn’t know there was any prep because the Latin Master told us about it in Latin and I didn’t understand a word he said. My heart was pounding especially vrief when the Germans came late one night in their relentless pursuit of the legend involving the Holy Grail.

A Brief History of Montmaray

Veronica and her educated friends know everything. NOT a real communist. When she does refer to …more No sex or swearing. Some of the scenes were quite suspenseful, and some of the interactions between characters not only advanced the story, but were plausible.

Sep 04, Carmen Marie rated it liked it. Also, it is boustrophedonic I adore that word and try to say it as often as possible, but unfortunately it hasn’t many everyday uses.

A Brief History of Montmaray

When you can cry and laugh and then you have to leave the door slightly ajar just in case you need to make a histoty for it. Cooper ably interweaves this fictional dynasty with historical fact, sketching details about the Spanish Civil War and growing Nazi power, the handful of villagers left on the island “there are now as many Royal Highnesses on the island as there are subjects”visits from friends from England and Sophie’s longed-for debut.

View all 4 comments. The Uistory of Sheep was published in paperback by Random House Australia inwith an ebook edition released in In the opening entries in her new diary, year-old Sophie FitzOsbourne, niece to the rather mad king, dwells upon such all-consuming montmmaray as her upcoming introduction hisstory English society and how much of a ninny she becomes in the presence of the handsomely aloof Simon.

Princess Sophia is not the eldest or most charming that would be her older brother Prince Tobynot the prettiest or smartest that would be her cousin Princess Veronicaneither the bravest nor the most brash younger sister Princess Harrynor the maddest the reigning King of Montmaray, Uncle John.

That would be really boring to read about. From the book jacket: This book was magic.

An audiobook version of the North American edition was published in by Listening Library, and a Vintage Classics paperback edition was released in Australia in View all 7 comments. Also in The Montmaray Journals. And that both are quite good ; Surely only islands with major natural disasters got emigration patterns like these? I am so, so grateful to this book, for starting one of my favorite series of all time, and giving us the incredible characters to be found within – Sophie, Veronica, Henry, Toby, and the rest of the gang.


She’s quiet, caring and observant yet she doubts her own abilities until faced with a crisis. The situation doesn’t matter as much okay, there are growing pains and it matters more in the first book than the second. Make this your default list. I’m going to make a cup of hot chocolate and retire to my room to review it in privacy. With entertaining flair, it mixes humor, romance, and a young girl’s coming of age with an amusingly gruesome historical adventure story.

So, when an offer comes from an aunt for Sophie and her cousin Veronica to come to England, Sophie is torn between her desire to see London and her loyalty to Montmaray. The FitzOsbornes in Exile, the second book in The Montmaray Journals trilogy, was published in Australia inas a paperback and histpry.

Reviewed at WhatchYAreading on May 13, And managed it well. Set in the world is gearing up for turmoil, and btief soon becomes clear that Montmaray will not be immune. I became so attached to all hishory princes and princesses of Montmaray. Don’t get me wrong, all the character’s in this novel were beautifully layered and kept blossoming until the very end, but it was the protagonist, Sophie FitzOsbone who settled into a special little corner of my heart.

Michelle Cooper

At first, the rumors of strife from the mainland involving Fascists and Communists are nothing but distasteful conversation traps for Sophie, but soon they become frighteningly close. The plot kept me guessing and I was surprised more than once. Plus there were carrier pigeons, storms, and Nazi attacks! What I love is that it goes from describing all the quirky, endearingly hum-drum aspects of everyday life as “everyday” as it can be for the few remaining members of the royal family of Montmaray in their crumbling castle on an island two hundred miles from a I was completely captivated by “A Brief History of Montmaray” The plot brif with such subtle skill that I was absolutely sucked in to the breathtaking conclusion–even as I had kind of figured out most of the “revelations” along the way.

Islands — Juvenile fiction.