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Our Coaches Adam Linkenauger. The Most Popular and Proven Vertical Jump Trainer in the world. 9x ACC Champion and Coach, Olympic Qualifying Athlete. Adam Linkenauger is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Adam Linkenauger and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share. Adam Linkenauger. K likes. Owner of and I Love Basketball:

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I Love Basketball Training website. If you want to grow your business, you have to get more views on YouTube and rank high. On this episode, Adam Linkenauger shares what strategies you can use to attract viewers and keep them watching. Add subscription annotations or calls to action at the beginning and end of each video. The first 24 hours of video are critical, so lnkenauger lots of traffic within that time. YouTube is where we go to find solutions to our problems.

People take advantage of the visual aspect of learning rather than reading or listening. Focus on what your target audience types in a YouTube search when they find solutions.

Build up your ranking on YouTube. What the algorithm concentrates on to give beginners a chance to rank:. Look at YouTube the same way as mailing lists and open rates. Annotations can begin to funnel your viewers to help you grow your business. Linkenxuger the end of each video, tell your viewers exactly what to linkenahger and show them where they need to click.

Three keys to remember with YouTube:. Welcome linkenayger Training Tuesdays. If you know how to tap into it and get more views on YouTube, it can explode your business. A lot of times, when we upload to YouTube, we think what we would title our videos or what we would keyword our videos.

An excellent example of this was about ten years ago now.

I went from roughly views over at three to four years span to over three million views in a one year span by just changing the terminology, and given this is the different time frame that we had grown the channel some at this point. It makes me think linkenaugrr people in the health industry, and Kamala used to work in that space.

Those are words most people are going to be using online to describe things. Once you start geeking out and you know all the terms within your field, and you could talk to the experts about it, how do you dumb it down and figure out what everyone else is using and looking for to get more views on YouTube? An excellent way to get more views on YouTube is to have people to ask. That always works out whether it would be in mailing lists, social media or even the comments on your YouTube videos.

Number two would be what I call The family Feud method of just putting your mind in that of the viewer or your target market. The family feud method is simply just answering the question. If you surveyed of your target market, what would your ideal customers type into YouTube? The next step to get more views on YouTube is once I have those four — ten different terms in different pain points how my target market would type in, I go the YouTube search bar, start linkwnauger those terms in.


Based on popularity, it will show you terms that are being put out there. Do you use a keyword tool for any of these? Do you go into some keyword tool and see how things are ranking on Google? We go to that keyword inside the search bar at the top of YouTube.

Start searching for the terms that show up. If I just type in basketball training, YouTube gives these autocomplete functions. YouTube is a massive search engine. But then, YouTube tends to come up quite aram as the number one, two, or three hit.

Get More Views On YouTube – Adam Linkenauger – Thriving Launch Podcast

Within Google, you can just click one over, and you can see video, images, shopping, and all those different things. That makes it very accessible and easy to get more likenauger on YouTube.

YouTube itself is the second largest most used search engine, which makes it very competitive. We have a strategy to get more views on YouTube, linenauger I love your approach of just going in, looking, and seeing what people are typing in. We use a search engine optimization tool, and we look up, and ,inkenauger look for keywords. I wanted to ask you to jump on this next piece. As a beginner, you have a chance to rank and get more views on YouTube. What the algorithm concentrates on are two main things.

You got to keep the audience able to watch, but the problem lies in having call-to-actions linmenauger moving the audience into the subscriber realm. So we need to look at YouTube the same way.

How does it help you get more views on YouTube? They have words on them that you can click those buttons and you can go to an associate website, which is an excellent way to get leads.

You can ask for the subscription. You can send people to different videos. We use those over the second option that YouTube offers, which is the end screen. This is a new feature that YouTube is offering.

Do call to actions within that 20 second and tell that audience where to click and what to do next. This is a great thing to search on and learn how to do annotations.

Have annotations in place. Then, you can begin to funnel your viewers to help you grow your business and YouTube channel for organic growth so that you reach more people. You bring up something interesting there too that a lot of people miss out on when they want to get more views on YouTube. This is true across the board when it comes to people creating content for social media.

I guess YouTube is considered another form of social media. But if you can get them off of YouTube and over to your website to give you the email, that is the magic.

We want to rank and get more views on People so that people see us. We want to rank so that more people watch us, and we can build authority. All of that is aimed to get more views on YouTube so then, more people watch and ultimately get off of YouTube and onto our website. We ,inkenauger about 2, leads a day adan YouTube for free because these are people who are in the moment of searching for solution.


On top of that, they go to YouTube, search for that answer, and then they find and click on your video. They watch your content. This is a hot moment to turn this viewer or prospect into a lead, and even turn them into customer xdam quickly.

About Us — Freak Training

What we do is we always do a call to action at the beginning of each video to subscribe. What I mean by that is we verbally tell them exactly what to do, and we visually point on the screen at the button. But then, you put in annotation there and show them exactly where they need to click. Another tip when it comes to a call to action. When and if you use annotations, they do not work on mobile. You need to refer to the first link in the description.

Again, we take our call to action very seriously. If you visit ILoveBasketball, literally, our call to action I think is the best I come up with or seen. I made something definitely that would be valuable to swipe. Be sure to use a call to action for people.

A lot of people say that content is king. These are individuals who espouse posting every day for a year or two to build up their ranking. We only do one video a week now, but we make it longer, and we make it quality. Sometimes it will be short. We know pick which keyword we are aiming for. We create videos specifically on that subject because our channel at this point has a lot of credibility.

Get More Views On YouTube – Adam Linkenauger

Our subscribers, which again are on our mailing list are coming back. Is there anything else you would say you need to linkenaugerr or a hidden gem you want to share with the audience to get more views on YouTube?

The key to YouTube is like podcasting that you got to be zdam. You got to stay consistent. You got to continue to upload, and you got to continue to put in the work. To get more views on YouTube, that would be my three keys. We all hear it, but consistency is going to be the main thing with YouTube. Anyone who comes in for consulting with me, I say six months to a year.

At adamm point, typically, everyone that has worked with me in the past has seen great result and was able to get more views on YouTube because they concentrated on that.

We upload our podcast episodes which have nothing going on except the audio. I think that is a relevant question for some of our audience. Guys out there, Thriving Launchers. Thank you so much for tuning in today. We look forward linkwnauger having you tune into the show next week, and every other day. Remember, Training Tuesdays are the days that we give you the jam-packed value, and we dive in deep with people like Adam.

Content Marketing Ideas — Nathan Linkrnauger.