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Perhaps one of the most revered works of fiction in the twentieth-century, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is a modern classic. A guide to The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner. This guide It may also be helpful to the general reader who is interested in the stories of Alan Sillitoe. The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner has ratings and reviews. Evan said: I didn’t like him trying to accuse me of something he wasn’t su.

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This story is the longest and delves deepest into its narrator’s psyche, yet it was not my favorite of the bunch. A tea-boy carrying a white jug slipped out of the estate agents’ offices, dodged deftly through a line of cars and lorries that had stopped for the traffic- lights, and walked whistling a tune into a cafe further down the road. And so I’ll hit him where it hurts a lot, and he’ll do all he can to get his own back, tit for tat, though I’ll enjoy it lonelinesd because I’m hitting first, and because I planned it longer.

They’ve seen me and they’re cheer- ing now and loudspeakers set around the field like elephant’s ears are spreading out the big news that I’m well in the lead, and can’t do anything else but stay there. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner collection. And the winning post was no end to it, even though crowds might be cheer- ing you in, because on you had to go before you got your breath back, and the only time you stopped really was when you tripped over a tree trunk and broke your neck or fell in- to a disused well and stayed dead in the darkness forever.

Robinson was a brighter boy, who had thought to keep a second Bible open beneath his desk lid for reference. The language was evocative and I could picture everything perfectly. By training hard and appearing eager to win the Blue Ribbon Prize Cup as he can do if he wishes he causes the governor to anticipate the credit this will reflect on his pretended humane outlook. Just because I feel like the first bloke in the world wouldn’t make me bawl.

His antagonist eyed him truculently, displaying his contempt of the desperate plight he was supposed to be in by turning around and winking at his friends. He adjusted his spectacles, rolled his tongue around the dry back of his teeth, and grated his feet once more on the bar of the chair.

There is an almost childlike innocence to him; when he meets two young girls at a diner, obviously poor and hungry, he offers to buy them something to eat. For him, to win the race would be tacitly to disgance the premises of a self-serving establishment, and his own sense of defiance and self-worth can only be maintained by his individual conception of honesty.

Chimes to the value of half past ten boomed from the Council-house clock. Tarrant despised the interruptions to his training schedule, and during at least one stay, distabce ducked into the bathroom, changed into running gear beneath his hospital gown, and snuck outside for a quick five-miler. In the meantime as they say in one or two books I’ve read since, useless though because all of them ended on a winning post and didn’t teach me a thing I’m going to give this story to a pal of mine and runnwr him that if I do get captured again by the coppers he can try and get it put into a book or something, because I’d like to see the governor’s face alqn he reads it, if he does, which I don’t suppose he will; even aillitoe he did read it though I don’t tje he’d know what it was all about.


You can always overtake on long- distance running without letting the others smell the hurry in you; and when you’ve used your craft like this to reach the two or three up front then you can do a big dash later that puts everybody else’s hurry in the shade because you’ve not had to make haste up till then.

Our doddering bastard of a governor, our half-dead gangrened gaffer is hollow like an empty petrol drum, and he wants me and my running life to give him glory, to put in him blood sillito throbbing veins he never had, wants his potbellied pals to be his witnesses as I gasp and stagger up to his winning post so’s he can say: I didn’t ask him to come in out of the rain, because I wanted him to get double pneumonia and die.

Yet even though they describe similar social milieus there is, I think, a difference between them which explains why Sillitoe, unlike Barstow, is often numbered among the fifties literary thw known as the Angry Young Men. The pot-bellied pop-eyed bastard gets pleased at this: Books by Alan Sillitoe. But there’s a feeling of smallness in these stories, and the characters – with the distanxe exception of the runner in the first story – tend to get crushed under the wheel of plot machinations.

He didn’t twig it was foggy at first and cleaned his glasses every time I pulled him back xillitoe a lamp-post or car, but when he saw the lights fo Alfreton Road looking like octopus eyes he put them in his pocket and didn’t wear them again until we did the job. The one fact is that all of us are cunning, and because of this there’s no love lost between us. When the next war came his back was not burdened at first, and even the fines and days in prison that he was made to pay for being without Identity Card or Ration Book—or for giving them away with a glad heart to deserters—did not lift him from his tolerable brokenness.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner. She drank her runnner and warmed her hands at the same time without putting the cup down once until she had emptied it. Diatance I’m seventeen now, and when they let me out of this—if I don’t make a break and see that things turn out otherwise— they’ll try to get me in the army, and what’s the differ- ence between the army and this place I’m in now?


Barstow’s characters, including his most famous Vic Brown, often react to hardship or misfortune with stoicism and resilience; Vic even sillihoe ambitions to better himself socially, something which the likes of Uncle Ernest or Jim Scarfedale would regard as incomprehensible and Smith would regard as a sell-out to the System.

A boy in his mid to late teens tells a story about when he was 10 and tried to help a man commit suicide. As Ernest passed the counter he saw the girls holding their plates, looking in fear and wonder at him being walked out.

The noise broke into him, sunk him ot to reality like cold water entering lonelinese ship. Most koneliness the boys before him had grown so used to his long periods of distraction- freedom for them—that they no longer found inclination or time to sneer at the well- known reason for it. The death benefit of pounds is quickly spent on clothes, cream cakes, a television set, and a new mattress for his mother and her “fancyman,” and things are immediately back where they began.

So on this foggy night we tore ourselves away from the telly and slammed the front door behind us, setting off up our wide street like slow tugs on a river that’d broken their hoot- ers, lonellness we didn’t know where the housefronts began what with the perishing cold mist all around. Sillitoe uses running in his story as a means of isolation. They can spy on us all day to see if we’re pulling ssillitoe puddings and if we’re working good or doing our ‘athletics’ but they can’t make an X-ray of our guts to find out what we’re telling ourselves.

He still did not buy any clothes, for whereas in the past his money had been swilled away on beer, now it was spent on presents and food for the girls, and he went on wearing the same old dirty mackintosh and was still without a collar to his shirt; even his cap was no longer clean.

Most can be done in speech or writing or using Internet technologies. An eye for an eye.

On the Road: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner

Honest, I’m clambed to death. For years he had eaten alone, but was not yet accustomed to loneliness. By God I’ll stick this out like my dad stuck out his pain and kicked them doctors down the stairs: He can trade his daily chores for the mitigated freedom of early morning runs in the countryside around the reformatory. Raynor said, his face turning a deep crimson. We don’t know about real diaries they are private but we know of fictitious diarists like Adrian Mole and Bridget Jones.

I win my bet, because it pays to be hon- est and try to gain the prizes I offer to my lads, and they know it, have known it all along.