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Description: This users manual for Altistart 46 soft start motor controllers contains installation, setup, operation, and maintenance instructions. User’s manual ATS46, 9/21/18, English, Spanish, French, pdf MB. Data Bulletin. Cross Reference Guide for ALTISTART® 46 Soft Start Motor. User’s manual UNI-TELWAY ATS VW3G, 12/13/17, English, pdf MB. Programming manual ATS VW3G, 12/13/17, English.

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Starter not supplied with current on L1-L2-L3. Remove the transformer by unscrewing the CHC screws using a 4 mm Allen key. Recommended torque load for screw M4: FrF or 50 or 60 Hz.

Altistart-« 46 Soft Start Motor Controllers Users Manual

Value kept for the test voltage 2 V AC Seco nd ar y: The quality of the replacement service is based on stocks constituted at Evreux, in the branches and by the official dealers. Outlet order is not important White wire mark 1: PiF Phase inversion Fault Measurement principle: Consult the schedules to make the best choice.

Location of screws for connecting the rating card Screw 8 – Reconnect the rating card of the kit. If the motor runs on RUN order and stops at the 3 stop configurations, without disable, the repair is over.

External fault order Operating state Up to now experience: Possibility of line fuse melting.

Altistart 46 Maintenance Manual

The motor starts if a 2-wire control is on TBS value equal to 0 during powering up, even though its value is different refused of to reset to zero the parameter TFR hourmeter when the engine is running on-factory adjustment of parameters IPR, TPR and TBS local mode used only upon the first product powering up assignment of LI to LII motor preheating or LIH faults inhibition default startup time when loaded went to 4 seconds removal of the starter thermal protection calculated by the software on C11, C17, C21, C25 and C32 calibre readjustment of the rated current value by on-factory setting A for M12 calibre correction of the anomaly concerning the micro controller upon unshunting with the bypass function correction of the anomaly following a simultaneous running instruction with a stopping instruction.

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It requires a fair knowledge of the product and its applications ventilation, pumping, convoying, …. Conversion instructions for sizes 4 and 5 Remove the fan grille by tilting it backwards after first loosening the screws on the front 7 mm open-ended spanner. Knowledge required – Knowledge of the main applications cooling, pumping, horizontal handling.

The time taken to perform the conversion is approximately two hours, to which site transfer time must be added.

Altistart 46 – Downloads | Schneider Electric

For more information, please contact S. For units with two transformers only the right-hand transformer viewing the unit from the altiatart is to be removed.

Thermal state is saved in the eeprom when the network disappears. Connectors Thyristors Connectors Filter card Disconnect the filter cards do not remove them from the busbars.

V Insulation varnish must comply with U. Cable too long between motor and starter 1. The position of the blue wires is different on an ATS Conversion instructions for size 3 9 – Install the connectors in the locations behind the control module of the Altistart according to the markings.

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If the cables are too short, use the TI ribbon cable which is part of the kit. To reduce the amount of travelling, training courses have been compacted into one or two weeks depending on your initial level. Use of a self maintained bypass with external thermal protection.

For floppy disc 2, follow the instructions that will appear on the PC screen. Only one thyristor in short-circuit. Do not soak attach brackets in the indicated areas. It is also possible to know the software version with PC software. The product structure is identical to the one of ATS23, that is to say, a control element common to all sizes, and a power element specially designed to each calibre. With software version V1.

If, for practical reasons, you do not want to disconnect the protection and control circuits, top to bottom terminal resistance can be measured. Fan V W 9.