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Émile Armand was an influential French individualist anarchist at the beginning of the 20th .. Xavier Diez. El anarquismo individualista en España (–). El anarquismo individualista en España (–. ). Virus editorial. tore and Emile Armand and of the related phenomenon of ille- galism. Anarquismo Individualista, El – Lo Que Es, Puede Y Vale by Emile Armand, , available at Book Depository with free delivery.

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Armand seized iindividualista opportunity to outline his theses supporting revolutionary sexualism and camaraderie amoureuse that differed from the traditional views of the partisans of free love in several respects.

Kai Guerrero rated it liked it Jan 01, To ask other readers questions about El anarquismo individualistaplease sign up.

Lo positivo y lo negativo. Our individualism is a creator of happiness, in us and outside of us. As such, he rejected the usual call of anarcho-communism for revolution. Un libro muy representativo del anarquismo individualista ortodoxo. I feel myself to be a slave as long as I consent to others judging my passions.

El anarquismo individualista: Lo que es, puede y vale

Michael rated it it was amazing Jun 16, From an individualist perspective Armand sees that one better look for those with an affinity to oneself and freely associate with one another with the possibility of breaking or interrupting the association or encounter at wnarquismo time one of the parts wants it.

If you are, then ignore the comments and insults of others and carry on following your own path.

The ones that make lndividualista hate it or depreciate it are harmful. He also maintained a fluid contact with important individualist anarchists of the time such as the American Benjamin Tucker and the French Han Ryner. Views Read Edit View history. Here, the producer is the owner of the product, there, the product is put to the possession of the collectivity.


Anarchism is the most beautiful way of anarquismoo and action I have ever known, it is, indeed, the essence of my soul as a free being: Fictitious and imposed solidarity is worthless solidarity.

Émile Armand – Wikipedia

John Jascob rated it it was amazing Apr 16, In a text fromhe mentioned among the individualist objectives the practice of forming voluntary associations for purely sexual purposes of heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual nature or of a combination thereof. In he married Denise Rougeault who helped him financially and with this he was able to concentrate on his activism. Isaac Cabrera Bofill rated it liked it Jan 19, Here, gift and barter — one product for another; there, exchange — product for representative value.

Rui Coelho rated it really liked it May 30, Myrna rated it liked it Jan 24, En este punto, es posible que lo libertario se vuelva totalitario.

Ferran Canetenc rated it liked it Jun 11, He also supported the right of individuals to change sex and stated his willingness to rehabilitate forbidden pleasures, non-conformist caresses he was personally inclined toward voyeurismas well as sodomy.

Open Preview See a Problem? The anarchist, pacifist, and antimilitarist activism of Armand had him imprisoned many times around this period. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Cristian rated it really liked it Dec 17, Are you or are you not intimately in accord with your personal conception of the anarchist life?


In this way he manifests “So the anarchist individualist tends to reproduce himself, to perpetuate his spirit in other individuals who will share his views and who will make it possible for a state of affairs to be established from which authoritarianism has been banished.

These principles he sought to apply within the social experimental spaces, events and communes that anarchist groups in the France of the time called milieux libres. Retrieved 6 April The ruling classes, through the intermediary of the State, ensure that only their own views on culture, morality and economic conditions, are allowed to penetrate to the masses.

Here and there everything happening — here everyone receiving what they need, there each one getting whatever is needed according to their own capacity. The anarchist replies that when solidarity is imposed from without it is worthless; that when a contract is enforced there is no longer any question of rights or duties; that coercion releases him from the bonds which attach him to a so-called society whose executives he knows only in the guise of administrators, law-givers, judges and policemen; that he supports only the solidarity of his everyday relationships.

Jovi Grau rated it liked it Apr 10, Roberto rated it liked it Nov 11, Induvidualista died on 19 Februaryin Rouen. At first, he embraced Christianity through the Salvation Army then became an atheist. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.