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Anolis auratus is a species of reptiles with observations. Anolis auratus Daudin, Type-locality. Tropical America, restricted by Schmidt () to Suriname. Pertinent taxonomic references. Daudin ( b) . Norops auratus is a small, slender lizard with a brown base color and light yellow stripes along the body. It occurs almost exclusively in grasslands, and is found.

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Schiede im Museum Zoologicum Berolinense Pervenerunt.

Anole Annals

Reptarium The Reptile Database. Norops is masculine in gender. Lizards of Brazilian Amazonia Reptilia: Reptilien und Amphibien Mittelamerikas, Bd 1: Bursey and Laurie J.

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Co-evolution of adhesive toepads and claws in Anolis lizards. Journal of Herpetology 43 1: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Catalogue of the specimens of lizards in the collection of the British Museum.

Females and males were similar in body size, but exhibited differences in some variables related to body shape. A computer approach to the comparison and anokis of species in difficult taxonomic groups. Check List 10 1: Find more photos by Google images search: Mocquard,Etudes sur les reptiles, p.

Anolis auratus – Wikispecies

Auraus of Central America. New distribution records of reptiles from Western Venezuela. Andean and intermontane fuscoauratoid anoles of Colombia with a new species, A.

Reptiles of an urban Atlantic Rainforest fragment in the state of Pernambuco, northeastern Brazil. Your email address will not be published. Annotated checklist of the amphibians and reptiles of Cuzco Amazonico, Peru.

Ajratus of two nomen nudum species of Anolis lizard from Northwestern South America. Novedades Colombianas Nueva Epoca 8 1: It is time for a new classification of anoles Squamata: Can you confirm these amateur observations of Anolis fuscoauratus?


National Center for Biotechnology Information http: Marques de Souza Lizards of the genus Anolis Reptilia: Herpetological Review 24 aurats A checklist of the Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica: