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the Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act (ATPDEA. and Bolivia and Ecuador become ineligible, the ATPDEA expired on July. In its previous extension of the program, Congress stipulated that Bolivia would not receive ATPA/ATPDEA benefits after June 30, , unless by that date the. Posts about ATPDEA written by Bolivian Thoughts. decision not to be bound to the program to eliminate illegal coca posed by the ATPDEA.

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In May, building on momentum from the Summit, the U.

With the high-level dialogue underway, Bolivia had expected Obama to reverse the Bush decision. The governments of other countries in bolovia region, including Brazil, supported Washington reinstating Bolivia.

Seventh Report to the Congress on the Operation of the Andean Trade Preference Act as Amended

In the weeks ahead, U. Repeating the errors and bplivia found in the justification for the recent ATPDEA decision, largely inherited from the Bush administration, would not only risk the genuine common ground that does exist on drug control, but raises questions about the future of the high-level dialogue. Indeed, the dialogue itself affords U. Government had requested over the previous year, such as making atpsea a top priority to eliminate excess coca production or to limit licit coca cultivation.


Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act – Wikipedia

On February 18,the Bolivian National Police and the Brazilian Federal Police signed an agreement for cooperation against drug trafficking and international organized crime, including logistical support in crop eradication, air transport, atpdes missions, cross-border intelligence exchange, training, translation and monitoring.

Brazil is the destination for the majority of the cocaine produced in or transshipped through Bolivia.

On June 24,Bolivia and Paraguay signed an antinarcotics agreement, with a special focus on border control and anti-drug intelligence-sharing. On January 13,Bolivia and Argentina, the second-largest destination of Bolivian cocaine, signed a similar agreement. Coca is sold […] in packets no larger than 15 pounds. However, Article 56 also stipulates that just compensation must be provided.

ATPDEA | Bolivian Thoughts in an Emerging World

The Bolivian government has expressed an interest in renegotiating the BIT. Actual policy change is another matter.

With another drug control certification decision looming on September 15, the Obama administration has the chance to move beyond the distortions that have come to dominate perceptions of Bolivian drug policy in Washington.


But the Morales administration has demonstrated a clear commitment to meeting its international obligations with a wide array of bilateral and multilateral partners.

The September 15 certification decision could be telling. Secretary of State Clinton, 29 June BoliviaJune The Executive shall establish a system of permits and monitoring, both for producers and for transporters and merchants Article 19, Law Average eradication as a percentage of average net coca cultivation: Constitution, 5 th Amendment: The concept has appeared in every subsequent constitution and has been thoroughly defined in the and agrarian reform laws: Law 28 Nov.

This brought the total number of renegotiated BITs to at the end of Environmental considerations are also featuring in negotiations of new BITs e. Furthermore, a growing number of recent agreements mark a step towards a better balancing of the rights of foreign investors, on the one hand, and respect for legitimate public concerns on the other.