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Developed by AutoQ3D Team, the new CAD application is built not just for video tutorial library and online forums and email tech support.

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Of these, the mathematics application is of particular note as its a light and fast math script app with an interactive environment for calculations, programming, plotting, and image processing. Finally touch OK tugorial. Skip to content or navigation.

Getting started guide for Android – AutoQ3D

Touch your screen to move your pointer to coordinates 6,4 and second touch the Drawing area. Select the third point, just move your cursor to the end point and finally second touch on Drawing area.

Select Draw — Arc. Reader Comments Posted by: A virtual numeric keyboard appears. Just touch the screen and set the cursor with the small square pointing to the line and then make a second touch on Drawing area, finally release the touch.

Getting started guide for Android

The CAD tool has sibling applications as well, in the form of a mathematics application named Mac-c and a 3d sketch and animation application called marlin3d. Now that you have a rectangle, touch Snap button and select Endpoint. Those include, top, front, right, left, bottom, back, and isometric. We use cookies to auto3d that we give you the best experience on our website.



Or, subscribe now for unlimited full access to Architosh. Now we will erase the line located at the top. Subscribe All posts Subscribe to Architosh by Email. Twitter Tweets by architosh.

To cancel the current command just press Esc button. Each command line in auto3d app has visible parameters, there is a documentation section on the website, video tutorial library and online forums and email tech support. Modifications tools enable the creation and editing of complex 3D forms using basic operations working with lines, spheres, boxes and more.

Press the Menu button and select Modify-Fillet tool. Save Save Save Save. Select the right side of the line, then press Esc button to finish using Fillet tool. It appears you can see four viewports in one aautoq3d, with tools located strictly at the top of the UI across a single row and a wider palette on the right, no doubt for additional properties.

Now, we will make a round fillet. Touch Top option button and select Erase tool.

There are also grouping tools for larger projects and models. To learn more visit them on the web here: Touch Snap button tutoriak then select Grid. AutoQ3D is—as the name implies—a full 3D application, not just 2D.


In the following pages, you will learn how to make an easy drawing step by step to get familiar with the user interface.

However most of the examples can be applied to Apple devices as iPad and iPhone. One can view their models from orthogonal and isometric preset viewpoints. Move your pointer to coordinates 0,0 and hold touching the screen, then second touch to everywhere on the Drawing area. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Thanks Jess for writing in. Getting started guide for Android autoq3d T To input the second point, we will input coordinates manually.

We are merely introducing a tool here not appraising its value but if the point is readers will value much more being introduced to new tools with more solid ratings in the App Store, it is a point well taken and it makes sense. Move to coordinates 6,4 and set the points using the second touch procedure as in the previous step.