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AvMap warrants their GPS receiver and accessories to be free of defects in .. The knee mount is secured to the back of the EKP-IV with Velcro and snap guides. View and Download AvMap EKP-IV user manual online. EKP-IV GPS pdf manual download. View and Download AvMap EKP-IV PRO user manual online. AvMap EKP-IV PRO: User Manual. EKP-IV PRO GPS pdf manual download.

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The Flight Plan name will appear at the top of the page. Troubleshooting Selective Availability which was discontinued in April A measure of knowledge by the user is required for proper and safe use of the chart plotter Auto Zoom requires a position fix and an epk destination point.


Appendix A – Terms This section explains the terms that you may find unfamiliar. Actual Fuel Consumption will vary based on flight conditions and engine settings. The selected i s of airspace queried is highlighted. Taws Alarm this circle an alarm sounds and the Waypoint Alarm box apprears on the screen. This method of icon placement allows for the maximum view ahead of the aircraft at the given direction avmao travel. In addition, clock functions and trip data can be found in this menu.

The Auto Zoom mode is used to keep the fix position and the destination Ig visible on the map. If you select a local time display, continue with the next step. The map scale for the cell is displayed at the top right. Flight Plans can be entered on the Moving Map see Par. Don’t show me this message again.


Simulator The built-in Simulator function allows you to become proficient in the use of the EKP-IV before ever taking it into the cockpit. When Nothing Else Works sky and that the connections have been made properly. Selecting Database Search Fields 8. In the event of a defect, AvMap, at its option, will repair or replace the product with no charge to the purchaser for parts or labor. Department of Defense to provide continuous, worldwide positioning and navigation data to U.

Depending upon ekl category of object, the Database can be searched by one manuall three methods: Page 62 User Manual Page 40 User Manual This allows the pilot to correct for wind drift, in real time, right from the moving map.

Page 4 User Manual One window displays all airspace objects. After 5, intervals the oldest is deleted with each new position fix point.

The Static Navigation sets a If less than four satellites are in use, the GPS receiver may have difficulty receiving a fix. Page 2 In the event of a defect, AvMap, at its option, will repair or replace the product with no charge to the purchaser for parts or labor.

AvMap EKP-IV User Manual

A warning box will appear to con- firm your desire to add the Waypoint, displaying ekkp default Waypoint name. Try repositioning the antenna.

The layout of these fields depends on A slow flashing airplane icon will indicate your current position.


To project a radial, first select the object with the cursor, then: Page 57 within the same city, the double sided cursor key will scroll through each airport within the city. The internal waypoint memory capacity is shared with Flight Plan waypoints; Page of 97 Go. The avmpa charts are not intended to substitute for the official charts.

Enter text from picture: Page of 96 Go. The default setting is Contour. Calculator Calculator The Calculator functions assist the user in preflight and in-flight calculations for Vertical Navigation, Wind and Fuel consumption.

AvMap Support: download area

The airplane will be pointing in the direction of movement. To edit this Mark see Par. This data is statistical in nature and is calculated based on GPS parameters. Once attached, the output of NMEA format- ted data can be enabled in the following manner: Database menu will appear see Chapter 8 for details on search- ing the Database Menu.

Aeronautical manua, standard and oem versions 12 pages.

Please contact your local C-MAP office for details. If all the items of the list are not checked upon exit a warning message appears on the screen that states the check-list has not been completed.

Enter text from picture: