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AWWA M PE Pipe – Design and Installation. Document Language: English; Published By: American Water Works Association (AWWA); Page Count: PE Pipe – Design and Installation MANUAL OF WATER SUPPLY PRACTICES M55, First Edition AWWA MANUAL M55 First Edition American Water Works. AWWA M55 is not a standard, but rather a design manual according to the recommendations of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) covering all .

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Butt fusion involves 1. These higher awwx els of technical performance are not yet recognized within the North American stan- dards system. To accomplish this, one or more cooling tanks are set up downstream of the sizing sleevehank, and the pipe is pulled through each.

Water Standards | AWWA HDPE Standards & Manuals | ASTM HDPE Piping Standards | NSF Standards

An initiated crack may subsequently grow and lead adwa failure of the part or component. That is, the material deforms but will over time recover its original shape when the stress is removed.

The extruder Figure is used to mix and heat the material to the prescribed temperature and to force the molten polymer through the pipe extrusion die. For the main basic differences between both documents, it can be mentioned: Mechanical joints may require an additional restraint device to prevent pullout movement. Provisions for flotation of shallow cover pipe have been provided.

This is the range in which PE pipe grades will bend or deflect in response to Izod impact testing.

Because of tests required under AWWA standards, fittings such as elbows cannot be fabricated in the field. The carrier will present a bill of lading that generally describes the load as the number of packages the carrier received from the manufacturing plant. These free radicals are then available to react with other molecules within the polymer, and the result can be a significant reduction in physical properties.


Pipeline Cross- Council, Stockholm, Sweden. Hydraulic studies show that the flow awqa effect of PE butt-fused joints is minimal and that the Hazen- Williams flow coefficient for butt-fused PE pipes is around The failure should be ductile and k55 a certain pressure threshold depending on material and pipe dimensions.

In this test, a sample cut from extruded pipe is evalu- ated against the minimum stabilizer protection requirements to ensure that the extrusion process has not used up antioxidants and stabilizers that have been added to the raw materials.

PE pipe can safely withstand considerable deformation and is therefore classified as a flexible pipe. Large fittings and custom fabrications may be packed in large boxes on pallets or secured to pallets.

Unsafe handling can result in damage to property or equipment and be hazardous t o persons in the area. Generally, the design procedure is t o select a pipe that satisfies the internal working pressure, maximum anticipated surge, and flow capacity require- zyxwvu ments and then to analyze the subsurface installation to ensure that the pipe, as installed, will withstand the external loads.

AWWA also provides quality improvement programs for water and wastewater utilities.

Pe Pipe Design And Installation (M55) by AWWA Staff

Antonio added it Sep 08, The purpose of this article is to set up the main differences between two popular methods worldwide for performing static verifications of HDPE flexible pipes, i.

Electrofusion fittings have a heating element built into the fitting. To protect PE against thermal and oxidative degradation during fabrication and j55 a long shelf and service life, PE is always compounded with a small amount of additives. Pipe and joining equipment manu- facturers should be consulted for information about joining procedures, training, and appropriate tests for demonstrating joint integrity. In the ATV the use of sheet piling or coatings to contain the walls of the adwa, and its removal methodology once installed the trench fill, acquires importance.

Awwq melt pressure is dependent on the rheology of the PE being used and the geometry and speed of the extrusion line.


Pe Pipe Design And Installation (M55) (Awwa Manual)

For other fluid and service temperature, ratings may differ. The definitions for pressure class, recurring and occasional surge, working pressure and working pressure rated for polyethylene pipe are provided as an introduction to this section for reference.

This technique, which precludes zy the need for specially modified pipe ends or couplings, produces a permanent, econom- ical, and flow-efficient joint. While the pipe is being sized, it is also being cooled with water t o set the qwwa diameter.

It is important t o note that chemical resistance tables are only a guideline. The value of E’ increases with increasing depth of cover. The stiffener keeps the pipe from col- lapsing from the compression loads, which could result in leakage or even failure of the restraining feature if the fitting provides restraint.

Loading is based on the axle weight exerted on the track by two locomotives and their tenders coupled together in a dou- bleheader fashion see Table for loading. In the next stage, the full mold is cooled by circulating cold water while the screw maintains pressure on the mold.

If the pipeline has a high point above that of either end, vacuum venting may be required to prevent vac- uum collapse, siphoning, or to allow drainage.

Allowances for surge events are pre- sented in the Surge Considerations section. However, for the purpose of these calculations, the horizontal and vertical deflections can be considered equal. Awwaa, incoming resin in the form of pellets is melted by a combination extruder- injection screw.

Tuberculation typically occurs in response to the deposition of soluble encrustants onto the surface of the pipe and subsequent corrosive action with the base material of the pipe.