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Feldenkrais lesson for the beginner scientist by Prof. Wie das Gehirn heilt, Campus Verlag.

Truth verstdhen trust http: Du bist nicht Dein Gehirn, Buchrezension http: Lieber einen Sommer auf der Alm als ein Leben lang auf Ritalin. Siegel explores the neural mechanisms beneath social and emotional intelligence http: Feldenkrais und analytische Psychotherapie Kuhl.

Feldenkrais-Arbeit mit Grundschulkindern Stasny, S. Feldenkrais-Arbeit mit Alkoholkranken Welsch, M.

Multiple Sklerose Bost, H. Deutsche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft.

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Balance A study with older women demonstrated improvement in the Burg Balance Scale as well as improved walking speed, movement time, and quicker correction of balance. Participants also reported greater confidence and strength. Study of the effects of various forms of exercise on balance in older women.

In other words, Feldenkrais can be instrumental in helping patients form beneficial and adaptive patterns during recovery integrating total body movement into the recovery process.

Isokinetics and Exercise Science. All had tried a variety of other therapies without success and all had experienced discomfort, restriction and stiffness prior to these sessions. Results included increased range of motion in a neck flexion task, significant positive changes in the neck-shoulders-index, as well as decreases in complaints from neck and shoulders. Randomized controlled trial of physiotherapy and Feldenkrais interventions in female workers with neck-shoulder complaints.

Occupat Rehab 9 3: J Sports Phys Ther. Results included significant increase in mobility accompanied by significant decrease in pain both immediately following the course, and in a one-year follow-up. Patients also reported less depression and anxiety, and an improved ability to relax. A Study of Efficacy and Cost Effectiveness. American Journal of Pain Management, ; 9: Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Physical Therapy, Forest Grove, Oregon.


Anxiety, Depression and Mood Early research suggests that participation in a single Awareness Through Movement session may reduce anxiety levels, with increased effects after six to eight sessions. A study involving female general curriculum and physical education teachers enrolled in a one-year enrichment program at a physical education college revealed improved mood after Feldenkrais.

Feldenkrais seems to ease depression and anxiety and improve self-esteem in multiple sclerosis patients. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement and state anxiety.

J Bodywork Mov Ther ;6 2: The effects of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement program on state anxiety. J Bodywork Mov Ther ;4 3: Mood Alterations in mindful versus aerobic exercise modes. J Psychol ; 5: Flexibility Studies identified increased flexibility through the use of Awareness Through Movement classes.

In a study of neck flexion in normal subjects, a significant increase in the amount of flexion after a single one-hour class was shown, as well as significant positive changes in muscular activity in the trunk.

Isokinetics and Exercise Science Vol 1 No 4, They also improved, on average, Findings demonstrate that gains in functional mobility are possible for individuals with chronic stroke using Feldenkrais movement therapy. Fibromyalgia Patients with Fibromyalgia moved more easily, efficiently, and with less effort after learning to reorganize the biomechanics of their movements during 15 weeks of Feldenkrais sessions and classes.

In both immediately following, and six months after completion of the class, improvements in balance, posture and gait were reported. Feldenkrais intervention in fibromyalgia patients: In another study, a group of patients with Multiple Sclerosis participated in an Awareness Through Movement group.

Links – Astrid Lichti

The results demonstrated significantly improved mCTSIB scores and improved balance confidence compared to controls. There was a marked improvement in all verstehej measures in the Awareness Through Movement group compared to controls. This type of motor learning intervention can be effective in improving a variety of physical and psychological parameters related to balance and postural control in patients with MS.

Deutche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft. Use of Awareness Through Movement improves balance and balance confidence in people with multiple sclerosis: Neurology Report 25 2: As a result, the patient learned to rise from a chair without assistance from the upper extremities, and to use less kinetic energy. Awareness Through Movement lessons improve functional movements in spite of long term disability. Twenty-one subjects with Rheumatoid Arthritis were tested after a series of Awareness Through Movement lessons.


Two years post-treatment, a large percentage of subjects had increased function, continued to maintain higher levels of function, continued to use the skills they learned and felt that the Feldenkrais helped them with their pain problem.

Early intervention is important and can delay the need for pharmacological intervention, which, because of long-term use, is associated with potentially unwanted and toxic side effects. A second case study illustrates improvements of balance, gait, and functional movement made by an individual who was already receiving medication for the disease.

Rationale and Case Studies. Unpublished case study by L.

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Wendell client and Marilyn Johnson, Feldenkrais Practitioner. Senior Movement A group of 31 older adults was studied using a prospective, repeated measures control group design. The SF was used to assess health status — quality of life. Video motion analysis was used to collect data on walking and on a floor-to-stand transfer movement.

Coordination of the transfer movement improved significantly in the Feldenkrais group. Vitality and mental health scores also improved significantly in this group.

Feldenkrais has been shown to be an effective method for improving coordination, mobility, economy of movement and quality of life in older adults. The Benefits of Awareness Through Movement. Eating Disorders Preliminary research suggests that, in patients with eating disorders, Awareness Through Movement sessions improved self-confidence and increased contentment with regard to problematic zones of their body.

Patients experienced increased sense of contentment in regard to their health, accompanied by decreased sense of helplessness. Psychosom Med PsycholMay; 47 5: Klett Cotta Krauss, J. Huber Verlag Russell, R. Junfermann Verlag Rywerant, Y. Grundlagen der beruflichen Feldenkrais-Arbeit. Masterarbeit, Hochschule Merseburg Karnahl, U.