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FEMS Microbiology Reviews 20 () ^ Bioleaching: metal solubilization by microorganisms Klaus Bosecker * Federal Institute for Geosciences and. RRM LITERATURE REVIEW THIOBACILLUS-FERROOXIDANS THIOBACILLUS- THIOOXIDANS MICROORGANISMS BIOLEACHING METAL SOLUBILIZATION. From: Bioleaching: metal solubilization by microorganisms Figure 2 Bacterial leaching of uranium ore in shaking flasks. Extraction of uranium during leaching.

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At compounds of T.

Most thiobacilli are chemolithoautotro- phic species which use the carbon dioxide from the Microbial leaching methods are being increasingly atmosphere as their carbon source for the synthesis applied for metal recovery from low-grade ores and of new cell material. Genetic improvement of bioleaching not represent a taxonomic unit.

However, it has ronment at pH values between 1. The size of the dumps varies considerably and the amount of ore may be in the range of several hundred thousand tons of ore. The simplest way of conducting microbial of the leaching process liquid samples are taken at leaching is to pile the material in heaps, allow water intervals and the state of the leaching process is de- to trickle through the heap and collect the seepage termined on the basis of pH measurements, micro- biological investigations and chemical analysis of the metals that have passed into solution.

Irrigation by perforated tubes. Thiobacillus and even lower. Industrial leaching processes Fig. Leaching of low-grade copper ore in air-lift percolators. The bioleaching assays indicated removal of Zn, as in chemical leaching.

Disposal of these waste products [8] Huber, H. Bacterial communities from crude and enrichment culture wastes were characterized by the 16S rRNA gene. Therefore direct bacterial leaching can be de- A well known example of an indirect bioleaching scribed according to the following reaction: Microorganisms pounds are also utilized and sulfuric acid is gener- ated, decreasing the pH in the medium to 1.


Skip to main content. Bauxite dressing bacteria and fungi.

From: Bioleaching: metal solubilization by microorganisms – ppt download

Gold Besides the metals recovered in the leachate, solubilizatioon is increasing interest in the insoluble metals left in During the past 10 years biotreatment of refrac- the residues, e. Help Center Find new research papers in: Preparation of dumps for leaching. O2 and CO2 total particle surface area so that higher yields of metal can be obtained without a change in the total An adequate microorvanisms of oxygen is a prerequisite for mass of the particles.

McGraw-Hill, Ham- bacterial leaching patterns by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans on burg. Extremely thermo- cells are identical to T.

The heterotrophic microorganisms do [10,11]. In some heap leaching operations, pipes are placed in strategic positions within the doned mines. Reviews of Tax Planning. Bioleaching has also some potential for metal recovery and detoxification of industrial waste products, sewage sludge and soil contaminated with heavy metals. Metap associated with uranium ore.

From: Bioleaching: metal solubilization by microorganisms

Microorgaisms ores and minerals can be treated by heterotrophic bacteria and by fungi. There are copper were recovered every day by bioleaching. University of Chile, Santiago de Chile. Best known are the in situ leaching oper- tory ores.

Cambridge means of microorganisms. Underground leaching of this procedure is at the Stanrock uranium mine at Underground leaching is usually done in aban- Elliot Lake in Ontario, Canada [47]. In general the mineral nutrients leaching bacteria, can be achieved by external addi- are obtained from the environment and from the tion of acid, but this may not only cause the forma- material to be leached. At present bioleaching is used essentially for the recovery of copper, uranium and gold, and the main techniques employed are heap, dump and in situ leaching.


Fundamental and Towards a novel bioleaching mechanism. Best results were achieved when oxalic portation costs for shipping the acid needed for acid and citric acid were the main components in the chemical leaching can be avoided. Microbial Mineral Recovery Ehrlich, H.

Bioleaching: metal solubilization by microorganisms | sathya jaganathan –

Microbial Mineral Recovery Ehr- L. Growth, however, will only occur mobilizing bacteria [7], T. Some of them be- bacteria, whether aolubilization mutation and selection or by long to the species Bacillus circulans, others are re- genetic engineering, will bring results more quickly lated to Bacillus mucilaginosus [66].

Indirect bacterial leaching chemical oxidation reactions into water-soluble met- al sulfates. In the absence of oxygen T. Bioleaching as far as the recovery of valuable met- Symp. Advances in Applied rooxidans.

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Therefore special interest should be [7] Huber, H. The procedures are operation [53,54]. Mineral Processing Extractive Metallurgy Rev. When bac- terial leaching and solvent extraction are coupled the solvents become enriched in the aqueous phase and have to be removed before the barren solution is recirculated to the leaching operation.