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Buy The Bombastic Bombardon by Edrich Siebert at Concert Band Sheet Music. Free shipping possible add. up to 6€ discount for members: The Bombastic Bombardon – Siebert Edrich | Sheet Music.

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If you’re planning to let your orchestra’s most talented musicians play solo with your band, or to hire an extern soloist to shine with your orchestra, Molenaar Edition has a briliant catalogue for you: This brand new catalogue goes with a CD with no less then 99 audio samples.

In the Solo and Band catalogue you find a large variety of music for solo instruments with wind- and brass band. You can order this catalogue with CD for free by sending an email to office molenaar.

Below you find some highlights from this catalogue. You can find the complete catalogue on our website.

Trumpets in the Night Terry Kenny. Concerto for Trumpet part 1 Alfred Reed. Jeanne d’Arc Alex Poelman. Huntsman’s Holiday Terry Kenny. Poem a la Carte Manfred Schneider.

The Bombastic Bombardon Edrich Siebert. Concertino for Tuba Carlos Marques. Don’t Mock Baroque Wilfred Shadbolt. Sparkling Drums Ted Huggens. English online version Nederlandse online versie. Level D 6’51” Co Recorded on. Although cast in the form of a single movement, Alfred Reed’s Divertimento for flute is divided into two parts, a lyrical introduction followed by a light scherzando in varying rhythmic meters throughout.

Towards the close, some melodic elements of the first section are brought back in slightly different form, blending with the thematic material of the second round off the form and lead the music to a logical and satisfying conclusion … with the soloist having the opportunity of displaying virtually all aspects of contemporary flute bombarddon Though complex in melody and harmony, the bossa nova’s real innovation was the radical change of the rhythmic structure of the samba.

This solo is available for every instrument. During the peak of the football career of Johna Cruiff, a film was made with with him showing passes, goals and technique. It gives the feeling of a ballet performance. The release of the Twente Conservatory Band compact disc allows us to spotlight this beautiful oboe piece once more. This showpiece of the literature bombarxon bassoon is now available with wind band accompaniment. Bassoonist Brunnlecher wrote this most professional arrangement.

Wilfred Shadbolt who also composed the succesfull piece ‘Rookie’ wrote this delightful humorous bassoon solo. In a simple way, but in a very bombardonn style, the bassoon player performs a small mini concertino in a real baroque mood. This solo work contains a lot of recognizable influences from German early Romanticism.

Long dreamy melody lines and jagged character changes are followed through numerous variations. It seems as so the composer wants to show the listener what the absloute technical capabilities of the clarinet are.

The Bombastic Bombardon Sheet Music By Edrich Siebert – Sheet Music Plus

This is Kees Vlak’s most ambitious composition. Before writing this work, the composer listened for many hours to a most gifted bass clarinet player. So he discovered that the instrument ranges over five octaves and needs a lighter blow than the ordinary B flat clarinet. The sonority of the instrument in the upper register really charmed the composer. All these elements deeply influenced the composition. The cadenza requires a fine technique and a real artistic feeling from the soloist.


Part 1 is written in a sonata form with a cadenza. Part 2 is written in a song form. Part 3 is a scherzo with many mutations. For instance, the repeat starts with the second theme, whereas the initial theme concludes the work.

This tune was the closing music on the British comedy tv bombasyic, ‘The Benny Hill Show’, where the host was often on the run being pursued by cheated cast members, and was composed by the American saxophonist Boots Randolph. This is a very funny and entertaining piece of music which is well suited for any light music concert and which is also a real challenge for any alto or tenor saxophonist!

In this instrumental version the solo is performed by the alto saxophone. This arrangement is a challenge for any band and a must for every alto saxophonist. Soloists should be positioned at a distance from the band. Preferably behind or in the audience, or at some height, say in the balcony.

Directors will surely think of all manners of ingenious ideas! You could tell how it was played in the shopping centre coming down the escalator. The five movements of this concerto, each, by design, in a different musical style, and requiring the soloist to perform on bombasyic three main soprano bass instruments: Trumpet, Cornet and Fluegelhorn, were written to demonstrate the modern trumpeter’s ability to negotiate and produce a convincing interpretation in five different musical styles.

The Bombastic Bombardon

The first movement, ‘Sonata’ is cast in a typical neo classical mode, calling the soloist to perform on the Trumpet; the second, ‘Slow Blues’ calls for Fluegelhorn; the third, ‘Jazz Waltz’, calls for Cornet; the fourth; ‘Song’, a modern setting of an old Taiwanese folksong, calls for Trumpet again; and the fifth, ‘Samba’, concludes the work with a brilliant outburst of Latin American rhythms and colors.

Jeanne d’Arc Joan of Arc is a consistent solo piece for French horn and symphonic band. The score evokes the life story of the 14th century French heroine and freedom fighter.

God orders her to deliver her people from the English oppressors. Driven by a strong will, the French gain one victory after another, but in the end the French get fed up with Jeanne’s desire for bmobastic.

Bombareon is betrayed and handed over to the English. At her trial she refuses to swear the bojbastic and is condemned to the stake. Joan of Arc is canonized by the Catholic Church as late as in In the score the heroine is represented by the solo French horn. The horn’s many-sided characteristics, ranging from romantic sounds to heroic passages in the upper register, are demonstrated throughout the different parts of the story. The bmbardon goes on a holiday and takes it easy.

There are no agitated horns, but there is a quiet hunting-motif instead. A few moments later the horns want to sound off again, but they can be coaxed back to the holiday mood. He was eloquent, a gentleman, and an outstanding pianist. And his own songs were also enjoyed by all. With an arrangement named T-Bones in Swing, as you would expect the trombones stand in the spotlight. An amazing arrangement of the best of George Gershwin for solo trombone trio, and band. As a French horn player, the successful German composer Manfred Schneider is familiar with brass instruments, so he took on the bombashic of writing at a real Concerto for Trombone and Wind Band, which he called ‘Poem a la carte’.

  AAMA 2605 PDF

The composition was commissioned by the JBK Sonthofen wind band.

Though the ‘misterioso’ introduction already features some virtuoso passages for the soloist, the latter really takes off in the energetic allegro. Then comes a lyrical largo and the work ends with a bombaetic allegro allowing the soloist to demonstrate true virtuosity.

There are far too few solo works for the bass tuba. Because of this the well known British composer and revered leader of British military bands, Edrich Sibert pseudonym for Stanely Smith-Masters thankfully wrote the characteristic “The Bombastic Bombardon”. At last here we have an interesting and quite playable solo concert for the tuba, a too often undervalued wind instrument. Composer Carlos Marques who wrote already some successful pieces for Molenaar Edition such as ‘Cassiopeia’ and ‘Transit of Venus’ warrants an accessible and excellent wind band orchestration.

In this aria Lensky mourns the approaching loss of love and life. George Bombardob used elements of classical music and jazz in this well known and loved work. Paul Whiteman led his big band, which was bombarfon with a string section, with the composer himself playing the piano solo. Gershwin improvised quite a lot during the concert as much of the music was yet to be written down on paper. The famous clarinet glissando in the opening was actually a joke from the clarinetist in the band, which Gershwin later wrote into the score.

One year later Franz Liszt received this beautiful composition to play through, and suggested some changes which Grieg initially wrote in, and then partly removed because people found it too warlike.

Nowdays it’s one of the most well loved piano concertos. The last part is the most interesting. Harsh accordian and characteristic Norwegian rhythms. Great fun for your audience and band, with a special feature for your percussion section in Fascinating Drums!! In the early days of Ted Huggens, few wind bands boasted a complete drum set.

Nowadays one could hardly imagine a wind band without such a set. Many drummers all over the world included this spectacular solo in their repertoire. This arrangment is part of the Alan Parsons Project. The Turn tells the story of the entrance a gambler makes into a bombasticc, full of expressionless faces and the endless spinning of the roulette wheel.

The addiction is summed up as thus. Parsons compares the chance game players with relics and pilgrims.

The players enter the casinos, the pilgrims, the cathedrals. This band was founded by sound technician Alan Parsons and composer and session musician Eric Woolfson.

Woolfson died aged 64 in This symphonically gentle work demands a lot from the brass players of them orchestra, in particular the horns. He turned it bombarxon a swinging big band arrangement, with a James Bond type feel.

This arrangement was originally written for Harmony Band with solo voice but is also available for alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, baritone or trombone.