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Braunton Burrows is the largest sand dune system in the UK. It hosts an extraordinarily diverse plant community, with over recorded species of vascular. Braunton Burrows, the core area of the Biosphere is a sand dune system which is home to a large number of rare plants and animals. The Burrows are owned. Lying at the entrance to the Taw-Torridge Estuary, Braunton Burrows is one of the most important sand dune systems in Britain and forms the core of a UNESCO.

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English Nature felt the turnover of soil increased species diversity and with the use of soay sheep, maintained a desirable balance to ecosystems. However English Nature felt that this turnover was erosive bgaunton nevertheless was less invasive than mowing. Plastic, built to last and last and last Braunton Burrows is a prime British sand dune site, the largest sand dune system psammosere in England.

Braunton Burrows Public Information added 8 new photos.

Keeping dogs on leads around cattle and under close control at all times. For more details of this special accolade please see the North Devon Biosphere Reserve web-site and for details of numerous other land designations in Braunton, please see the information about the project.

Braunton Burrows

Tourism is an important use of the area in summer. Deep rooted species such as bramble budrows, hawthorn and willow were also able to flourish and resulted in several sallow carr communities These species were maintained and species rich turf burfows established through a combination of management techniques. This in turn means that there are also a great variety of associated invertebrate species. It is particularly important ecologically because it includes the complete successional range of dune plant communities, with over vascular plant species.

Braunton Burrows – Wikipedia

burorws Northam Burrows Country Park is a beautiful expanse of common land popular with visitors It is also home to a wide range of fauna — an abundance of insects that includes 33 species of butterfly, many nesting birds and 5 of the 6 reptile species found in the UK.


Use this tool to build your own journey bdaunton choose from an exciting range of specially selected tours. Grazing was viewed by the Christies Estates Trust as exacerbating erosion and hence damaging to species diversity. In coming weeks activities will appear quite destructive – as excavators get to work on bruanton tops of dunes that are too steep to access with tractors.

Chase down every wrapper in the breeze and put it in its rightful place!

The valleys between the dunes, which are known as slacks, are wet and marshy in the winter birrows host a variety of marsh herbs and low creeping shrubs. Archived from the original on Braunton on Devon’s north coast is thought to be the biggest village in England. Unlike modern cattle breeds, the Devon Red is a ‘traditional’ breed. Signage on brzunton and gates gives information on grazing status, as does the dedicated Braunton Burrows Public Information page on Facebook.

The Burrows lie just behind the beach and fill the 1.

This theme is reflected in the present church at Braunton. The herd, which is predominantly made up of Devon Reds, currently includes over 90 pregnant cows and an increasing number of calves.

Hence there are a lot of big bellies on show Rich in natural history, the Burrows also has an interesting association with World War Two. Brainton of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Its name is derived from the large numbers of rabbit burrows to be found in the area.

The Burrows booklet has guided walks, information and an I Spy section for the kids! Related Links Braunton Village. butrows

In Lieutenant Colonel Paul W. Behind the Marram grass covered sand dune system is the famous archaeological site of Braunton Great Fieldan unusual relic of Medieval open-field cultivation. Marram Grass, in particular, is one of the pioneer species brajnton colonize and stabilize the sand hills piled up by the wind. Please keep dogs on leads around livestock. Please note cattle have been removed from ZONE 3 for a few days.

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Northam Burrows estuary environments. Free parking and refreshments for participants. It is the start of a three mile 4. Take a walk through Zone 2 at the moment and you will encounter the Burrows herd grazing peacefully in the slacks and on the slopes of the braunyon. Ranges for ubrrows weapons were required in order to help the troops practice and construction of such ranges and other aids had to be carried out quickly, as the first units arrived in North Devon on 1 September Proximity Within 10 5 2 0.

In the coming months there will be many more newborn calves on the Burrows. While clearance works are ugly in the short term brauntin often giving the impression of unbridled destruction – they are well planned and comprehensively managed in the interests of the health of the Burrows habitat.

Sea Buckthorn is a thorny shrub that produces orange berries. The burning of deep rooted species often made the soil more fertile but led to the spread of coarse grasses.

The lighthouse is a small tubular steel structure, powered when first built by acetylene gas, and now by solar power following conversion in Enjocy the May sunshine! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The many rabbits have a profound effect on the vegetation of the dunes through their grazing, in many brauntno creating a short, cropped turf of herbs and grasses.