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With Anna Kristín Arngrímsdóttir, Arnar Jónsson, Benedikt Erlingsson, Bergur Þór Ingólfsson. Tv movie frome the first chapters of the Icelandic Brennu-Njáls saga. Brennu-Njals Saga is the longest and most celebrated of the Icelandic Sagas. Though its events are set in the tenth and early eleventh centuries, the Saga. Written in the thirteenth century, Njal’s Saga is a story that explores perennial human problems-from failed marriages to divided loyalties, from the law’s inability .

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Testing Flosi’s nobility he goes to him for help, and they arrange a final peace. They did not come back in autumn.

Njalls daughter Unna took all the goods he left behind him. Her hair came down to her bosom, and was both fair and full. He was the son of Lambi, the son of Sighvat the Red. Then men will ask who is this tall man, and thy mates shall say – ‘Here is Huckster Hedinn the Big, a man from Eyjafirth, who is going about with smith’s work for sale’.

Liebe und Freund schaft lichkeit, Wohlwollen und Lob 3. So they ride on till they come home, and at night she took her seat by her husband’s side, and made room for Thiostolf next herself on the inside. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Svein Hakonsson to Hakon Jarl on his treatment of the Njalssons: About this they had many words. Though its events are set in the tenth and early eleventh centuries, the Saga itself was not written until towards the end of the thirteenth century by an anonymous Icelandic Saga man or storyteller.

Now once on a time when autumn came, it happened that men had hard work to get their flocks home, and many of Glum’s wethers were missing.

Njálssaga (TV Movie ) – IMDb

Then she went to the Hill of Laws, and declared herself separated from Hrut; and men thought this strange news. He was the son of Thorgeir Gelling, the son of Thorolf. Thou shalt greet Hrut, and he will answer well. Gunnar asked if he had ever sailed to other lands? Then thou shalt say in btennu loud voice, so that thy companions may hear. I tell you this because I hate the things njaos men say.

Use the HTML below. After the feast Njal offered to foster in his house Thorhall, Asgrim’s son, and he was with Njal long after. Then Hauskuld and his brother went home to their booth, and he had much upon his mind, and said to Hrut. Grim wooed Astrid of Deepback; she was a widow and very wealthy.


The Story of Burnt Njal – Icelandic Saga Database

Helgi Njalsson to his brother, Grim, on resisting Hakon Jarl: And all this shall be without craft or guile. Hallgerda was sitting out of doors, and saw that his axe was bloody. Gunnar gave the shield a twist as the sword pierced it, and broke it short off at the hilt. Gunnar rode away to the Thing, but before he rode from home he said to Hallgerda – “Be good now while I am njqls, and show none of thine ill temper in anything with which my friends have to do”. He and his wife were bidden to the wedding, and she and Bergthora, Skarphedinn’s daughter, Njal’s wife, waited on the guests with meat and drink.

Thorarin answered – “We will not let that stand in the way of the bargain; for one oath shall not become all oaths, and this may nrennu to be a good brennnu, though that turned out ill; besides Thiostolf had most hand in spoiling it”.

Thou art not at all after my mind, thou goest about with jibes and jeers, with scorn and mocking; but that is not my turn of mind. Njal will be at the Thing and his sons and Gunnar, but then ye two shall slay Thord. Hrut gave over everything into her hands inside the house, and all were pleased at that; but for all that she and Hrut did not pull well together as man and wife, and so things went on till spring, and when spring came Hrut had a journey to make to the Westfirths, to get in the money for which he had sold his wares; but before he set off his wife says to him.

FJ Proverb word Hrut stayed with the king that winter in good cheer, but when saha came he grew very silent. Asgrim answered that well, and said there were no men with whom he would be more willing to make this bargain than with them.

Gunnar said he had no mind to bandy words with her, and went away. Thiostolf rode till he came to Varmalek, and there he got a hearty welcome from Hallgerda, and brenun a bad one from Glum. Njal was glad at their coming, and begged them to stay there that night, and Gunnar told him of his voyages. After that they fared north to Drontheim to see Earl Hacon, and he gave Gunnar a hearty welcome, and bade him stay with him that winter, and Gunnar took that offer, and every man thought him a man of great worth.


After he had done that, he said to Szga. This is so much that it can only be paid if the arbitrators, and many at the Althing, contribute. They ride home nhals tell Hallgerda. Gunnar knew the money, and saw it was the brrennu that he jjals paid Njal. The end of their talk was that she told him how heavily she was pressed for money. But still I have made peace for thee with Njal and his sons; and now, take care that njwls dost not let another fly come into thy mouth.

But if thou wilt not fight with me, then pay up all the money this very day. Gunnar said – “I wish to brejnu thee know that I have undertaken to get Unna’s goods back from Hrut”.

She spoke up boldly to him, and bade hrennu tell her of his voyages; but he said he would not gainsay her a talk. But some of his band he sent to the Sulafells, and they all found very many sheep.

There was a man whose name was Gunnar. Umgang mit dem Diener 9.

The Story of Burnt Njal

Hrut asked him what news. So Gunnar and Hallgerda set off for Bergthorsknoll, and when they got there Helgi and his wife were not at home.

Hallgerda went to Thrain Sigfus’ son, and his companions, and said to him, “Now is Thord on Njaos, and now your best njxls is to fall on him and kill him as he goes home”. She was fair-haired, and had so much of it that she could hide herself in it; but she was lavish and hard-hearted. Then Hallgerda came to talk with Thrain Sigfus’ son, and said – “I would think thee my son-in-law indeed,” she says, “if thou slayest Thord Freedmanson”.