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“Can’t Be Saved” is the second single from Senses Fail’s second album, Still Searching. The music video was first introduced through AOL Music on May The new FiberChek probe completely automates your fiber inspection workflow. Built-in image viewing, auto-focus, Pass/Fail analysis with WiFi, Bluetooth and. The following videos take a closer look at the FiberChek Probe, highlighting key features, controls and Your browser cannot play this video. The following video highlights a time saving workflow feature that lets users configure the.

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Caution should be taken when changing the resolution. At the top you name the profile, define the total number of zones and add password protection to the profiles menu, if desired strongly recommended. These tips contain several optical components and, like most of our tips, are made of stainless steel. If you would like to use the FBP probe to inspect patch cords e. Defining Contamination Failure Criteria Within a Selected Zone Click on the first zone A and begin defining failure criteria for defects found within that zone.

If you are looking for multiple quantities or if we don’t have a listing for a particular item that you are looking for. This is especially critical for receptacles that diberchek2 lenses ball or flat to minimize optical return loss.

JDSU: User Manual – FiberChek2

Failure criteria must then be established for each zone that is defined. FVD Microscope Components A large selection of adapters is available to accommodate a wide variety of connectors. This also reduces the chances of contaminating adjacent channels during inspection.

The EN standard prescribes both emission and immunity requirements for laboratory, measurement, and control equipment. Technical and Customer Support are available to take your calls Monday through Friday, 7: For Internet Explorer Version 6.


Determine whether you see one of the following 3 images: Set the sensitivity for contamination and defects. If the fiber is not initially centered within the field fibrchek2 view you can use the left, right, up, and down arrow keys to adjust its position.

Tracking number s will be provided the same fiberchekk2 as order shipment. When this occurs, remove the device from service and replace. Image When you ssve the application and load a fiber into the microscope, you can focus and see a live image of the fiber. Please contact JDSU for more information.

Can’t Be Saved

The first time you launch the software you may need to initialize the drivers for the microscope. Define Combined Contamination Particle Criteria.

Certain orders may take longer for fiberchrk2 due to comprehensive final service inspections A Shipment Tracking number s will be provided to inform Buyers of their expected ETA Estimated Time of Arrival. Please consult your system administrator if you are unsure. The key to inspecting transceivers is to understand that the basic design will contain either: We carry a large inventory of quality refurbished and used test equipment from all the major manufacturers.

Many countries impose their own customs, duties, tariffs, taxes, etc.

ā€ˇFiberChekMOBILE on the App Store

Ffiberchek2 further complicate matters, loose particles have a tendency to migrate. The focus control is conveniently located on the probe to easily adjust the focus of the fiberimage,while the optional dual-magnification control lets users quickly change between high- and low-magnification views.

Jewel A simplex fiber with a polyimide coating around the cladding, designed for exceptional environments. By choosing either the Cznt button in the top right corner of the application or the Full Screen command from the View menu, you can size the live image to cover the entire screen. A Fiber Stub If you see a fiber image with a distinct fiber core, then it is a fiber stub.

We accept credit card szve transactions via the online checkout system! Hirose is a trademark of Hirose Electric Group. The HTML report allows its archived information to be customized and activated at a later date see page During the warranty period JDSU will, at its sole discretion, repair, replace, or issue credit for any defective product free of charge should the equipment need to be repaired.


Other methods of payment are outlined through the online checkout process. fkberchek2

If you feel the software is being too aggressive you may want to soften those settings or vise-versa. Automating this process removes human subjectivity and ensures that a strong level of process control can be implemented and maintained over time. It eliminates the need to access the backside of patch panels or disassemble hardware devices prior to inspection. An inspection can also be started from the inspection toolbar. The Auto Archive Files section allows you to customize the file names for the results being archived.

This level of detection is useful for process control purposes but is counterproductive for connectors that have already made it through quality assurance and into the field. The main components of a fiber connector are detailed below: FiberChek2 takes full advantage of the high-resolution digital camera within USB 2.

Use this mode to focus and center if applicable the image. Then, with the Savf box checked, enter the numeric value to begin serializing count. Help Menu Help Topics TheUSB analog-to-digital converter is available in either a 4-pin or 6-pin configuration. Place crosshair such that the red lines just touch the top and left of the fiber.