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Vendita Cartelli: Pixlemon e’ uno store specializzato nella vendita online di segnaletica per interni ed esterni, con un catalogo di oltre cartelli in pronta consegna. CARTELLI SEGNALATORI · Novità · Cartelli divertenti · Segnaletica. Informazioni. Chi siamo · Privacy · Catalogo Sfogliabile · Promozioni · Brother · Epson RIPS · Assistenza Tecnica · Oggetti Personalizzati. AL.1X26W+1X26W EM/85/6/ Cod. Sacchi: EG/ Cod. Metel: EGO/ Cod. Produttore: / Prezzo in sospeso. Prezzo personalizzato.

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This is especially true when conditions are wet as well as dark.

In this situation, raised profile road studs are often the only remaining form of guidance for drivers. It is therefore imperative that studs retain a high level of long term retroreflectivity, whilst providing excellent adhesion to the road surface.


Ramp angles engineered to protect reflectors from heavy trafficking. Abrasion resistant lens coating providing enhanced retained reflectivity.

Segnalator available in a wide selection of body and lens colours. Snow Ploughable Road Stud Model Hardened cast iron housings designed to withstand harsh conditions. Ramp angles engineered to improve plowability and decrease reflector damage.

Abrasion resistant coating on glass lens provides enhanced retained reflectivity. Advanced optics deliver high reflectivity and durability.

Cartelli Segnalatori – Catalogo 55

Segnalatori in rilievo Model Patented sure grip base providing excellent adhesion to road surface. Injection moulded from durable polymers to endure high traffic volumes. Patented prismatic glass lens providing high, long-term levels of enhanced reflectivity.

Enhance safety by supplementing pavement marking systems. Provide delineation to drivers under adverse weather conditions.

Design innovations include a patented groove formation caetelli the underside of the marker, resulting in superior bonding performance to the road surface. Time proven and effective, these markers provide safe delineation to drivers in the most adverse weather conditions.


In evidenza

Low ramp angles, narrow design, rounded corners and smaller impact areas to lessen damage from snowploughs, and increase reflector longevity. Low installation and maintenance costs allow carteli replacement for added safety. Each road stud sits recessed inside a hardened iron casing, designed to protect it from the blade of the snow plough.