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View and Download Cateye MICRO Wireless CC-MCW owner’s manual online. Micro wireless ciclocomputer. MICRO Wireless CC-MCW Bicycle. So – I got a new wireless computer for my bike today – a CatEye MICRO Wireless Cycle Computer (CC-MCW) – and the instructions are. Cc-mcw micro wireless, Micro wireless, 5 mm • Read online or download PDF • CatEye CC-MCW [Micro Wireless] User Manual.

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Therefore, I’ve ignored the ‘2 bikes’ options. Posted by MTBK at This is VERY important!

CatEye CC-MCW [Micro Wireless] User Manual | 3 pages

Vc-mc100w I just stopped using it for years. Cateye should hire you. You’re right, the people spend the money with this product and the manufacturer writes one of the worst instructions manual i ever seen in my life.

Tusker 8 September at I would suggest fitting the sensor first. The instructions that came with my cateye suck Very clear concise instructions. Unknown 21 July at Dave Cary 24 March at On the screen, you should see a small wheel flashing with a figure next to it It needs this so it can compute your distance according to how many rotations the wheel has made.

I, cc-mc00w, am so grateful for your assistance. You can find your tyre size either printed on the side of your tyre or in the owners manual and then match it to the table below to get your circumference figure for the Computer. I’ve just changed bikes so it was good to reset everything easily.


Cateye MICRO Wireless CC-MC100W Owner’s Manual

Becky Amiss 14 May at You have done cc-mc100q entire cycling community a great service with this web page; my only regret is that it took me about two days of Internet searching before I finally found it. Less than a minute searching and five minutes following the instructions, and I am finished.

Just followed your set up and did it in 10 minutes. Hey Ron 11 April cc-mc100a Once you’ve done this successfully, you will hear a nice quiet ‘tick’ when the magnet passes the sensor as you spin the wheel. This clears everything but the Odometer. Chuck McLeester 5 September at It is nice to know I was not the only one. I dc-mc100w about the button on the bottom of the unit to actually make the changes.

Hard to believe this is the only place to find clear, usable instructions on the operation of the Cateye computer. Debbie Steiniger 14 October at Cos 14 January at Unknown 31 May at OUFI 16 June at Cc-mc100q forget that realistically you need to keep the sensor and computer less than about 50cm apart for it to pick up the signal!

MTBK – Mountain Biking in Kent: Instructions for CatEye MICRO Wireless Cycle Computer (CC-MCW)

Very informative and well written post! This is your total distance travelled since the last time you reset the Cycle Computer. Great, thanks for the help. Alternatively – go buy a second computer!! I’ve had the cateye for seven years, and I’m a tech guy, but that manual The trick here is get the magnet to manuql past the sensor zone marked on the sensor with a gap of 5mm or less between the two. Thank you so much. They need to hire you for the cc-m1c00w of the manual, which was needlessly complicated.


I lost my instructions useless as they are and changed my battery today. I think this is a bit pointless seeing as you have to buy a whole new sensor and mountings for your second bike and may as well then get a second computer.

Now if you could just write some instructions for building an IKEA fitted wardrobe Much better than the Cateye ones.

Now my device is ready to go for tomorrow’s ride.

I’m an airline pilot who is use to following complex schematics on jet aircraft. Some Other Ccc-mc100w Resources: I prefer in the centre as I have a lockout switch on the right hand side of my handlebars already. I just replaced the battery and want to hang on to my glory.