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By looking at these seminal ideas, Architecture: Form, Space, and Order encourages the reader to look critically at the built environment and. Francis D. K. Ching Architecture Form, Space, and Order Wiley () (1) Data: Ching, Frank, Architecture: form, space, & order / Francis D.K. Ching. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data: Ching, Frank, Architecture-form, space, & order / Francis D.K. Ching. – 3rd ed. p. cm. Includes.

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It can be inclined toward a rotary motion when placed on a sloping plane. The Basilica, Vicenza, Italy. Because our perception of shape can be distorted by perspective foreshortening, we see the true shape of a plane only when we view it frontally.

Mar 22, Alex rated it it was amazing. Form, Space, and Order Francis D.

The planes can also be established by a row of columns so that the circulation path, open on one or both of its sides, becomes part of the spaces through which it passes. If the surface characteristics of the base fofm continues up and across the elevated plane, then the field of the elevated plane will appear to be very much a part of the surrounding space.

Architecture: Form, Space, & Order

Associating it with straight or angular forms or placing an element along its frakn, however, can induce in the circle an apparent rotary motion.

In these three examples, linear elements: By the end you’ll have a firm grasp on the basic concepts, forms and structures used by architects in the manipulation of space. Its visual form, its dimensions and scale, the quality d.k.adchitecture its light—all of these qualities depend on our perception of the spatial boundaries defined by elements of form.


The book is composed mostly of illustrations with short sections of text. This arrangement results in a dynamic pattern that visually suggests a rotational movement about the central space. The plane by itself can establish only a single edge of the field. If neither plane is extended to define the corner, a volume of space is created to replace the corner. Therefore, just as we take advantage of what is, we should recognize the utility of what is not.

To achieve visual dominance within a space or become its primary face, francus of the enclosing planes can be differentiated from the others by its size, form, surface articulation, or by the nature of the openings within it. Readers d.k.arxhitecture encouraged to take note of additional examples encountered or recalled within the context of their individual experiences.

This corner condition deteriorates the volume of the form, allows the interior space to leak outward, and clearly reveals the frnk as frm in space. Moving the roof of a house in Guinea The major overhead element of a building is its roof plane. Its shape, color, and pattern determine to what degree it defines spatial boundaries or serves as a unifying element for the different parts of a space.

Michel, France, 13th century and later. A form can fraancis articulated by: Readers are encouraged to take note of additional examples d.k.architecturw or recalled within the context of their individual experiences. Ching born is a widely recognized author of books addressing architectural and design graphics. A line is a critical element in the formation of any visual construction.

Other point-generated forms that share these same visual attributes are the: As a design element, the plane of an exterior wall can be articulated as the front or primary facade of a building.


Architecture : form space & order / Francis D.K. Ching – Details – Trove

May 16, Omar Jimenez rated it really liked it. Moving the opening off-center will create a degree of visual tension between the opening and the edges of the plane toward which it is moved.

In either case, the opening will be at a corner of a space. A horizontal opening that extends across a wall plane will separate it into a number of horizontal layers. This book focuses, therefore, on broadening and enriching a vocabulary of design through the study of its essential elements and principles and the exploration of a wide array of solutions to architectural problems developed over the course of human history.

If the opening were to turn the corner, the angle of the space would be implied rather than real and the spatial field would extend beyond its enclosing planes.

Color A phenomenon of light and visual perception that may be described in terms of an individual’s perception of hue, saturation, and tonal value.

Architecture: Form, Space, and Order – Francis D. K. Ching – Google Books

Creating a stepped, terraced, or ramped transition from one level to the next helps promote continuity between a sunken space and the area that rises around it. Shape is the primary identifying characteristic of a plane. Its central position can be articulated with a visually dominant form, or it can merge with and become subservient to the radiating arms.

The original notion would be destroyed.