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Chovot Halevavot was written by Bachya ben Joseph ibn Paquda Not much is known about Ibn Paquda other than that he was a well-regarded. Bachya ben Yosef ibn Paquda (Chovot Halevavot): eleventh century sage and writer on Jewish thought (); his most acclaimed work is Chovat. My intention in this article is to neither promote nor denigrate Sufism. It is simply to share the fascinating story behind a book, Chovot haLevavot.

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Dr Henry Abramson [12] points to a fascinating example of Rabeinu Bachya incorporating, literally verbatim, a Sufi teaching from a century and a half before Chovot haLevavot was written: And we discussed the subject of Amalek.

** Chovos HaLevavos – Duties of the Heart **

The Netivot shalom carries this idea further and says that Amalek is an emotion. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? The mindlessness of Amalek’s hatred of the Jews is seen clearly in the story of Purim.

If one has time to read only one of the gates, I recommend 4, the Gate of Trust in God. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Duties of the Heart There are no upcoming classes scheduled Times on this page are shown for: But Hamman is not an ordinary tyrant.

This page was last edited on 3 Novemberat There are Halachot which tell us how to celebrate on the holidays. Can’t watch the Webex archive files?

Chovot HaLevavot – Wikidata

Bahya here dwells at length on the hope of immortality, which, in contradistinction to the popular belief in bodily resurrection, he finds intentionally alluded to only here and there in the Scriptures.


As Rabein Bachya records in his introduction, there was a need to infuse Judaism with more than just observances or what he called Chovot haEivarim Duties of the Body. For previous classes halevavoh click here.

Halevwvot of the wise men asked about the Creator: He danced with wild abandon among the people. He is looking for you [14]. These four elements themselves are composed of matter and form, of substance and accidental qualities, such as warmth and cold, state of motion and of rest, and so forth. Far from demanding blind belief, the Torah appeals to reason and knowledge as proofs of God’s existence.

The majority even of the pious, Bahya says, are not those who have been free from sins, but rather those who have once sinned, yet then felt regret at having done so. Still, Jewish law is necessary as a guide for man, says Bahya, since there exists in man the tendency to lead only a sensual life and to indulge in worldly passions.

According to Bahya, the object of religious practise is the exercise of self-control, halevvot curbing of passion, and the placing at the service of the Most High of all personal chivot and of all the organs of life.

By “ecstasy” he wishes to convey the irrationality of the joy which we feel on Purim. When his wife Michal told him that his behavior was undignified he replied that he is happy to behave this way before Hashem.

But whatever his motives may have been Hashem did not approve of this cooperation and his joint ventures ended in failure. Zip file of english translation of gates in pdf,text,html,epub for offline reading last updated: When the farmer’s work is done he can look back with satisfaction on the past year and thank Hashem for His blessings.


Click Here Webex archive files are a proprietary format. Most essential is the discontinuance of sinful habits, because the longer they are halevaot to, the more difficult they are to end. Learn more about Halevafot Prime. The second stage requires a person to stop desiring those pleasures.

It was originally translated from Arabic by Chacham Yehuda ibn Tibon zt’l. Jewish Treats by Email.

Ink spilled accidentally upon a sheet of hxlevavot can not produce legible writing. And where is He? I did not ask you that i.

Chovot Halevavot: Duties of the Heart |

Many mitzvoth can only be performed occasionally e. They seek to serve Hashem by improving their character and their grasp of the mitzvoth of the intellect. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The Netziv, basing himself on a verse from Mishlei says there are two realms in which we may be called upon to cooperate with non-observant Jews and each realm has its own appropriate response. Here is another paraphrased translation https: He was renowed primarily as head of the yeshivah of Volozhin in Russia, the “mother of modern yeshivot.

Rabeinu Bachya says that the love of pleasure cannot co-exist with the love of God. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. This is the inner Amalek with which they need to struggle and overcome.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It is approaches the levels reached by the prophets.