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Using the C1FlexGrid Control > Saving, Loading, and Printing. The C1FlexGrid control has methods that allow you to save, load, and print grids. See Also. The sample demonstrates how to export or import FlexGrid content to/from an Excel xlsx file. To export FlexGrid content, pass the FlexGrid instance to the. This section shows how to call the Web API service project through a client application and add export function for exporting FlexGrid data as an excel.

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The testing script involves setting an validating dells in a ComponentOne flexgrid. The author has received compensation from ComponentOne for the following article: Although i am able to export to a “semicolon delimited file” but still i am not sure what is the use of second character in the ClipSeparators string.

Another possibility is a crash when accessing one or more forms in iGrafx that use the flexgrid control. When we launch the ExcelBook solution and load a sample Excel report, we see that it implements the ComponentOne FlexGrid for Silverlight control to display the Excel files.

On Windows Vista or later operating systems e. This does not happen outside the testing environment. Using the ComponentOne Excel for Silverlight Control with LightSwitch This may be your best article yet Michael – another phenomenal way to show how powerful Lightswitch is, especially when combined with the tools from a company as great as ComponentOne!

In this case the numbe of columns exceeds the space available in the window so I need to scroll to access these columns.

The path given may be different for non-English language operating systems. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.


For example, epxort you attempt to ot edit resources in iGrafx– e.

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FlexGrid is a data grid which displays the information in a tabular view. In the command window, in Windows XP, type the following to unregister the MindManager version of the ocx:.

Presumably the TextCustom option is the one domponentone want, but the documentation provided with the control will tell if and how you can specify a custom delimiter. Componentine using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. If the workaround above does not fix the problem, then ho uninstall remove both MindManager and iGrafx, then reinstall iGrafx if you reinstall MindManager, install it first. C1 Flexgrid scrolling not working.

We must create the Excel spread sheet using that class and then load it into the C1FlexGridBook object that displays the spread sheet. Optional Email used only to show Gravatar. CollectionView provides cross-platform data features like sorting, grouping and filtering. When we open the application, we can create a new report, flrxgrid open an existing one, by selecting it on the Dashboard screen.

For example, in German, the command is: Product Tags Add Your Tags: Sign up using Email and Password. Windows 10 vs image capture.

It will automatically create shortcuts in our Windows Start Menu. This may be your best article yet Michael – another phenomenal way to show how powerful Lightswitch is, especially when combined with the tools from a company as great as ComponentOne!

FlexGridPdfConverter and PdfDocument Explorer | Wijmo

If you continue to have issues, and want iGrafx to work, we suggest you uninstall both applications, and then only re-install iGrafx. Parameter Default File location. This is a cross-platform library providing infrastructure and interfaces, font processing and text analysis to GrapeCity.

The code required for the Export To Excel button on the Excel screen is very simple:. We will now unregister the MindManager ocx, so we can then use the proper shared one. If it is an existing report we need to update the report. We recommend you simply uninstall and reinstall iGrafx; though this will cause loss of custom preferences you may have set window and toolbar locations, custom file paths, etc.


Client: MindManager causes iGrafx crashes (Component One or VSFlexGrid errors)

In addition, Documents for PDF includes a Gauges includes customizable radial, linear and bullet graph gauge controls. The result is the scroll bar moves on the screen but the grid does not slide. How make Authentication and User Access more Visible. For more information, refer to the Simulating Keystrokes help topic. Better understand the signs that your business has outgrown its current database.

The ExcelBook sample contains a number of features such as filtering, sorting, grouping, copy and paste, redo and undo, and printing. Equals “;” is checking whether the ClipSeparators property of the grid is equal to “;” and never using the answer.

Export FlexGrid to Excel

Type “cmd” without any quotes and click the Enter dxport this starts the command line window. We suggest you workaround this issue by either uninstalling and re-installing iGrafx so the proper registry entries for iGrafx are madeor re-registering the. Outline Buttons for Collapsing Groups. My solution uses the GetPageImages method from the componentoen control to generate each page, so it would not work in any other platform.

Hi; I have a VS. There are following 4 options while using flexgrid: G Versluis 1 2