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A Tips for Using Xcelsius in SAP BusinessObjects. Enterprise or other SAP Environment. How to Use the Crystal Reports Data Consumer. Connection. .. Custom Component Code Walkthrough . Business Objects logo, BusinessObjects, Crystal Reports, Crystal If you have models (XLF files) created in Crystal Xcelsius , you can. Glenn Shaw, a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, has been up to her magic again. This time she has created a whimsical tutorial that explains and.

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It’s the nature of the computer industry that successful small companies are swallowed up by larger ones.

So it came as no surprise to me that Xcelsius, which we covered as a very intriguing option for dramatizing Excel spreadsheets with interactive dashboards, was bought by Business Objects. At around the same time a more robust crysta version of the product came out, which we described in an update in its ability to connect to databases.

More recently we used the product xcelsus create an interactive chart in PowerPoint to demonstrate creative visuals. As much as I like Xcelsius, there were two problems with the program — first it was quite complex tutoril “get” — figuring out exactly how to make the Excel data come alive took a bit of noodling. The good news this week is that a new completely free version of Xcelsius is available for download.


Crystal Dashboard Design (Xcelsius Dashboards) for SAP Business One Training Tutorial

The reason I am writing about it again is to show you that it also has an extensive help and tutorial area to take you through the process of creating effective dashboards.

Also make sure and download the two template examples to play with. We wanted to take a look at its tutorial capabilities and how it stacks up to the xcelsous version. If you look at the interface it is familiar with two xfelsius — a task bar that has a full complement of tutorial links for fast learning and, not surprisingly, a link to upgrade to the full not free version.

Still, for dashboard wanna-bes this is a great opportunity to try the full product without an expiration date — let’s face it 30 days is not enough time to really master a demo version. I decided to refresh my own knowledge of the product by using the tutorial directly in the task bar. What is very cool is that in addition to installing the program, Xcelsius also put three tutorial sample tutorual in a small samples folder in the Tutorisl Files, so I was ready to start.

I loaded the first spreadsheet into Xcelsius, and following the step by step instructions in the task pane, chose a bar chart to connect to the data.

Crystal Dashboard Design (Xcelsius Dashboards) for SAP Business One Training Tutorial

By connecting a slider component to the bar chart based on the spreadsheet, we can see interactively how much total sales of desktops will be affected by a slight percentage change in sales. We are also getting a hands on feel for how Xcelsius works and getting ready for more robust scenarios. Click on the little Wizard icon on the toolbar and you’re tuotrial back in the tutorial. If you download the tutorials on the web tutoriial, they come with the excel spreadsheets, the Xcelsius files and the finished shockwave files.


In addition, the spreadsheets have color coding to make grasping the concepts and following those tutorials easier. The instructions crrystal right in the spreadsheet as well.

SAP Dashboards Tutorial

Since making interactive dashboards is such a great way to create more eye catching and visually interesting presentations it’s great that this free tool has also included such excellent learning components. Now there is really no excuse for not putting a shockwave enabled interactive dashboard into your PowerPoint slides, or posting it on a web page. Open and Repair Styling: Presentation Paradise in xcrlsius Big Easy Camatasia 5. Healthcare and Legal Templates Interesting Upgrades: Please check back later.