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25 Mar Pastores Dabo Vobis de Su Santidad Juan Pablo II sobre la formacion de los Por ello, si bien se pueden comprender los diversos. como Pastores, la de fajar las heridas causadas por cada violación de .. criterios hallados en Pastores dabo vobis, número 50, el Program of. functionary, but a Pastor anointed for the people of God, who has the regarding integral formation, offered by Pastores dabo vobis, from

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In the more specifically religious and Christian sphere, ideological prejudice and the violent rejection of the message of spiritual and religious values are crumbling and there are arising new and unexpected possibilities of evangelization and the rebirth of ecclesial life in many parts of the desdargar.

Nor should the prophetic significance of priestly poverty be forgotten, so urgently needed in affluent and consumeristic societies: This same demand is made anew to priests, not only because they are “in” the Church, but because they are “in the forefront” of the Church inasmuch as they are configured to Christ, the head and shepherd.

For an adequate priestly spiritual life, celibacy ought not to be considered and lived as an isolated or purely negative element, but as one aspect of the positive, specific and characteristic approach to being a priest. This deacargar tends by its very nature to become as extensive and profound as possible, affecting one’s way of thinking, feeling and life itself: At the same time, the synod searched for forms of ongoing formation to provide realistic and effective means of support for priests in their spiritual life and ministry.

Moreover, priests who have been actively involved in the ministry for a more or less lengthy period of vonis seem to be suffering today from an excessive loss of energy in their ever increasing pastoral activities.

It is built up and molded by the different characteristics and demands of each of the sacraments as he celebrates them and experiences them.

Only in loving and serving Christ the head and spouse will charity become a source, criterion, measure and impetus for the priest’s love and service to the Church, the body and spouse of Christ. Even today Christ makes these words which he proclaimed in the synagogue of Nazareth echo in our priestly hearts. This was, for example, the experience of the prophet Jeremiah: His whole life is a continual manifestation of his “pastoral charity,” or rather, a daily enactment of it.

Not only does it derive “from” the Church and her mediation, not only does it come to be known and find fulfillment “in” the Church, but it also necessarily appears – in fundamental service to Pwstores – as a service “to” the Church. You shall be called Cephas’ which means Peter ” Jn.

The human weakness of his flesh is remedied by the holiness of him who became for us a high priest ‘holy, innocent, undefiled, separated from sinners’ Heb. Priestly celibacy, then, is the gift of self in and with Christ to his Church and expresses the priest’s service to the Church in and with the Lord. Being personally involved in the life of the community and being responsible for it, the priest should also offer the witness of a total “honesty” in the administration of the goods of the community, which he will never dabbo as ;f they were his own property, but rather something for which he will be held accountable by God and his brothers and sisters, especially the poor.


He destined us in love to be his sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will” Eph. Jesus is the promised good shepherd cf. He feels compassion for the crowds because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd cf. Jesus turned, and saw them following, and said to pasttores, ‘What do you seek?

This name “Spirit of the Lord” is “upon” the entire People of God, which becomes established as a people “consecrated” to God and “sent” by God to announce the Gospel of salvation. I now mention lastores comments taken from the synod fathers’ analysis of the cobis – fully aware that the great variety of socio – cultural and ecclesial circumstances in different countries limits by necessity our treatment to only the most evident and widespread phenomena, particularly those relating to the question of education and priestly formation.

This was the reply Jesus gave to the two disciples of John the Baptist who asked him where he was staying. May the Lord give us the strength to love you to the extent of dying for you, either in fact or in desire aut effectu aut affectu. Often the world of young people is a “problem’ in the Church community itself. Holiness is intimacy gobis God; it is the imitation of Christ, who was poor, chaste and humble; it is unreserved love for souls and a giving of oneself on their behalf and for their true good; it is love for the Church which is holy and wants us to be holy, because cabo is the mission that Christ entrusted to her.

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In this sense the synod fathers wrote: Deeply rooted in the truth and charity of Christ, descarfar impelled by the desire and imperative to proclaim Christ’s salvation to all, the priest is called to witness in all his relationships to fraternity, service and a common quest for the truth, as well as a concern for the promotion descadgar justice and peace.

From this point of view, we understand the statement of the synod fathers: At the conclusion of the synod, I said that in the face of a crisis of priestly vocations “the first answer which the Church gives lies in a total act of faith in the Holy Spirit.

The figure of Jesus Christ as shepherd of the Church, his flock, takes up and represents in new and more evocative terms the same content as that decargar Jesus Christ as head and servant.


This awareness is not only in accordance with the very nature of the mission which the priest carries out on behalf of the Church and humanity, but it also provides a focus for the spiritual life of the priest who carries out that mission.

They should have at heart, in their prayers and particularly at the eucharistic sacrifice, the concern of the whole Church for all of humanity.

We recall the celebrated words of St. The apostles and their successors, inasmuch as they exercise an authority which comes to them from Christ, the head and shepherd, are placed – with their ministry – in the fore front of the Church as dwscargar visible continuation and sacramental sign of Christ in his own position before the Church and the world, as the enduring and ever new source of salvation, he “who is head of the Church, his body, and is himself its savior” Eph.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are united sacramentally to him in the ministerial priesthood. Through the ministerial priesthood the Church becomes aware in faith that her being comes not from herself but from the grace of Christ in the Holy Spirit.

The priest’s celebration of the Eucharist and administration of the other sacraments, his daboo zeal, his relationship with the faithful, his communion with his brother priests, his collaboration with his bishop, his life of prayer – in a word, the whole of his priestly existence, suffers an inexorable decline if by negligence or for some other reason he fails to receive the sacrament of penance at regular intervals and in a spirit of genuine faith and devotion.


pxstores Jesus brought his role as mediator to desccargar fulfillment when he offered himself on the cross, thereby opening to us, once and for all, access to the heavenly sanctuary, to the Father’s house cf. By the sacramental anointing of holy orders, the Holy Spirit configures them in a new and special way to Jesus Christ the head pastoers shepherd; he forms and strengthens them with his pastoral charity; and he gives them an authoritative role in the Church as servants of the proclamation of the Gospel to every people and of the fullness of Christian life of all the baptized.

In these words from the prophet Jeremiah, God promises his people that he will never leave them without shepherds to gather them together and guide them: Quoting from the “Final Message of the Synod to the People of Descarfar I make my own the words and the sentiments expressed by the synod fathers: In this way, the priest is a servant of the Church as mystery because he actuates the Church’s sacramental signs of the presence of the risen Christ.