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This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the RP12 from DigiTech. Owner’s Manual. RP Owner’s Manual. DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Manufacturer’s Name: Manufacturer’s Address: Digitech S. Sandy Parkway . Way over the top pre-programed effects!! Whammy pedal, Wah-wah, zip-zap bang!! Visit the past from the comfort of your home. All parameters.

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Each of the pedals can be assigned pdalier anything other than its basic function. The new features as summary: Sets the amount of time before the reverbera- tions are heard. Allows you to set the musical key for har- monies. Controls the overall level of the flange. The Algorithm selection screen works in conjunction with the LED dis- play to show the currently selected Algorithm number. Pitch Shifters Both notes are constant in pitch, but subtle additions in richness and overtones can be heard.

Controls the shape of the early reflection enve- lope. Controls the amount of flanged sound fed back to the input of the Module.

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Sets the level at which the gate will open. Varies from 0 to Controls the overall level of the wah effect. What’s more, everything is there. Warranty DigiTech neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of this product.

Using this Program as an example for Program modifica- tion, the procedure for changing the Chorus Speed dp12 as follows: Which benefits do I get by installing the 2. If the select- ed Parameter is not linked, it will select the next available CC link for assignment.


After replacing the lithium battery of my RP10 I get confuse characters on the display. Smooth Whammy is a new Whammy module with increased performance characteristics, creating a much smoother Whammy effect. When you change programs using the pedalboard, any unstored modifications you have made to a Program will be lost.

Digitech RP12 Manuals

The RP offers you a fresh approach to guitar sound creation, giving you the hottest tones and total control of the best digital effects in the industry. You can choose to stay in the basic paramtrage effects or to intervene at an end trs as mixers are inserted between the effects, allowing chanages in SERIES in parallledigitecn mono, Stereo, and can also compltement Sauvager its rglages machiavlique seeking a combination of all a. Digktech set- tings in BigVerb only.

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Now take a look at the middle and lower curves in the diagram, and notice the much narrower bandwidth of the curves with a Q setting of 4 and 8. This control should be set in relation to the amount of pitch shifting to be performed.

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Both notes are constant in pitch, but subtle additions in richness and overtones can be heard. Where can I download the user manuals for the RP10? The interface is composed of an LCD display and various buttons to navigate through custom settings not in or not via shortcut.

The firmware version in shown there while boot up. To print the manual completely, please, download it. The Pedalboard functions can be broken down into two sections: The dual detuner has a predelay for each detune voice. Along with new effects and algorithms, Version 2.


Ranges from 25 to milliseconds. I regret not having the means to buy a rack era of GSP because the function does not interest me cest pdalier rather for people who play in groups and move with their Matis. All OnAll Off, and Local.

And with the addition of new presets, Version 2. Turns the Module on ,anual off. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Do not open the unit. Links to other related RP10 sites http: And last but not least, Harmony is a single voice Intelligent Pitch Shifting effect, giving RP10 owners true 2-voice harmonizing solo lines.

I have it available! The Parameters are as follows: Here are some ways to avoid this type of damage: Our members also liked: Description Mono Delay x. All presets have factory established CC Links. To see the Parameters, you must digitecb the Module on. In short, the possibility of changing the configuration is standard, but did do a lot of manipulations, must know what you want The procedure is as follows: How do I execute a hard reset at my RP10?

Sets the interval between the original note and the pitch shifted note.

All user reviews for the DigiTech RP12

How do I recognize that the internal battery gets weak? Smooth Whammy, Smooth Pitch, and Harmony. Chorus Parameters are as follows: