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Randa Abdel-Fattah is an attorney, a writer, a chocoholic, and an active member in the interfaith community, as well as the campaign for Palestinian human. Randa Abdel-Fattah ยท Coming of Age; . chats with friends on her cell phone, reads Cosmo and decides to wear a hijab, or Muslim head scarf, full- time. The Priest would declare me a heretic; my parents would LOOK INSIDE Randa Abdel-Fattah is twenty-five, and has her own identity hyphens to contend .

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There is a lot to say about the subject, but I’m not here to go into a whole rant about the subject of Hijab. Our ratings are based on child development best practices. The narrarator’s voice is so annoying, it makes me want to scream.

Still, though, abdel-cattah is interesting to read about it; the question I had opening the book was: She wants to make a statement of her faith, and it makes her feel close to God as well as brave, especially at her prep school where she is the only Muslim. This seemingly small decision is a big deal for her parents, who don’t want her to jump into a big decision, her classmates at her snobby prep school, who take advantage of the stereotypes that Muslims are terrorists and oook their women downtrodden, her crush, Adam, who just wants to like her without religion “getting in the way,” and her two pairs of friends two are Muslim, two are notwho support her unconditionally.

May 06, Emma Giordano rated it liked it. Common Sense Media’s unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren’t influenced by the product’s creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners.

However, I feel like all of these reviews missed one key thing: There were situations in this book that were created just so abdsl-fattah Amal could preach to the reader about how hurtful is is to be judged, both in the areas of religion and physical appearance.

She also points out what a relief it is not tuis have to worry about people judging her body and worrying about her hair but she encounters frequent judging of the hijab itself, and frequently spends as much time arranging it as she did her hair. They use phrases and react in ways I find more often in middle grade books and in my personal experience in the junior high years which made it hard to not be a little exasperated at times.


The cover abde-fattah told me that it was about year-old Amal’s decision, as an Australian-Palestinian-Muslim girl, to wear the head scarf full-time. Is it any good?

Does my head look big in this

The points that the author was trying to get across were so unsubtle and awkward. When I read, I like to read paragraphs. Randa Yead Coming of Age That being said, there were a few things I was not a huge fan of. View all 17 comments.

Amal is Palestinian-Australian Muslim girl in eleventh grade at her snooty Melbourne prep school, when she tbis that she is ready to wear the hijab, the headscarf, full time. What’s the symbolism and what role does it play for a Muslim woman?

I hate to disappoint you, but there are only a few women in this world who can get away with the natural look. That didn’t happen, sadly. I really loved seeing their relationship grow, it was something special and unique.

Her friends, both Muslim and Christian, support her choice, but she still deals with negative consequences at school and in the community.

Does My Head Look Big in This? by Randa Abdel-Fattah

I get so happy watching others speak about things they are passionate about, and Amal’s dedication to her religion was absolutely wonderful to read about! I’d say that a real “story” is actually missing. I hoped it agdel-fattah be so deep, but the characters are very im. It’s interesting to see how the main character walk I’m still amazed by the usage of the song. Add your rating See all 11 kid reviews.

I have a massive amount of respect for Randa Abdel-Fattah for at least attempting to show that Muslims aren’t these extremists that the media portrays us as, but instead just normal people. Before third term begins, she decides she’s ready to wear the hijab “full-time”.


The rest of us were the whitest skips you’ll ever come across although admittedly, one was of Greek descent and First of all, Amal talks about the social challenges of the hijab, but never talks about bib fact that when you cover your head all the time, it can get hot. She then tells Amal about how she used to work with Muslim women and how she loved their hijabs and food.

I believe it will make me feel so close to God. This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

Does my head look big in this

So often, phrases are thrown around so carelessly like “I WISH I could be anorexic” or “I’ve tried the bulimia THING” hearing someone call a life-threatening eating disorder a “thing” as if it’s a diet or choice boiled my blood, let me tell you.

And the vast majority of them mention the amount of judginess that Amal gets for wearing the hijab, the amount of weird looks and snide comments and generally not-okay stuff. Although the author clearly wrote this book partially for those who don’t know a lot about Islam has Amal explaining some basics of prayer and holidays to her non-Muslim friends, etc she never gets into the meat of the hijab issue.

A lot or a little? Scholastic Press Publication date: Review Report this review. If something can be depersonalised, this book has been de-place-ised!

Does My Head Look Big in This?

This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Amal has like 4 friends, but they all felt the same to me. And it seems as if the author is operating on the classic stereotype of a teen and hasn’t actually interacted with one in several years.