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Nuaire Drimaster-Eco-Heat-HC unit on sale during November for £ Delivery next day if ordered before 12 midday thoughout the UK and Ireland. Nuaire offer the market leading DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC as the height of PIV technology. This low- energy positive input ventilation system has a unique W . I would recommend a drimaster heat if you live in a bungalow (because you spend more time walking in your hallway than in a 2 storey house).

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After Sales Support Tel: This unit also comes with a 7 segment display in the ceiling diffuser, offering complete control at the touch of a button without needing access to the unit located in the loft space.

Essentially the concept is to introduce fresh, filtered air into the dwelling at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside.

I have actually got one of those salus units spare, how did you wire it in? Commissioning can be carried out via the controls cited within the ceiling diffuser.


The unit is mounted in the loft-space, drawing air through the filters and inputting it, at ceiling level, into the property. This sensor continuously monitors the temperature in the loft, boosting the air volume when the loft temperature is above a set level. Suitable for drumaster properties with a loft space. Where we used to get a large amount of condensation we now have none and there is no evidence of mould in the corner of exterior walls.


Since fitting the drimaster the moisture has completely disappeared so initial impressions are very good. Thanks Ian Posted 2 years ago. The cheap humidity meter I bought off eBay also arrived yesterday. A lock function can be used to ensure the system remains tamper-proof.

In our bedroom your hand is wet if you run it along the top of the ehat rail. Jambo — do you actually think it warms the air? Soffit vents will still trap some of the damp air at the top of the roof. Loft smell has heaat off quite a bit too. Where we used to get a large amount of condensation we now have none and there is no evidence of mould in the corner of exterior walls Posted 2 years ago.

Just finished putting mine in.

Would you go heat or the cheaper standard model? All ancillaries can be purchased on our Xpress website. One thing that worries me though is that we definitely get condensation at times in the loft on the felting on the underside of the roof. We have vents drimaxter main bedroom and downstairs? Means you can turn it on and off without having to go in the loft.

You after the heat one specifically?

Sounds like we need speed setting 2 or possibly 3 62m2 house — small terraced house — very cold attic and set thermostat at 12 degrees? I have the non heat one but as the poster above not had it for the winter season yet. Buy heat version and set therm to 6 degrees. Where the goods are being returned because they are faulty or are not the goods that were ordered then, subject to the goods being returned in re-saleable condition, Smartheat will refund the cost of return shipping.


Day 3 report Loft funk still being pumped around the house. We get a musty smell in some heag the upstairs rooms and a bit of mould on one outside wall in the lounge behind furniture where there is limited air circulation. A lock function can be used to ensure the system remains tamper-proof.

Nuaire drimaster heat experiences – Singletrack Magazine

Just been chatting to nuaire. The air is definately fresher and I notice the noise.

Product Flyer Drimaster-Eco Flyer. The standard setting from factory is 2.

Nuaire drimaster heat experiences

Will try 2 for a few days and bump to 3 if needed. The box is just a switch in essence, so you just put it in between the power supply to the heater element. Standard unit and change central heating to compensate for cooler air at night.