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Poly Evolver. Operation Manual. Version February, Dave Smith Instruments. Cabrillo Hwy N. Half Moon Bay, CA , USA. Dave Smith, creator of the Prophet 5 and Wavestation, moved into software aware of the Evolver whilst net surfing, and, after downloading the manual. This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the Evolver from Dave Smith Instruments.

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We suggest using a mixer to balance the levels. Off, On — When set to Off, changing a Program will not change the tempo- this is useful for keeping a constant tempo but using different sounds. The analog real analog! Page 32 Osc Slop: If set to o00 to o99, the filter is placed after the analog lowpass filter and VCA, before the Delay. When this is off, MIDI notes will not work. Chaining Mono Evolvers You can also use one or more mono desktop Evolvers for more voices. Pages 33 through 35 contain a handy reference for mod destinations and sources.

Dave Smith Instruments MONO EVOLVER KEYBOARD User Manual

Last note hit priority, re-trigger envelopes LastRetrg As mentioned above, the four groups are basically ignored when playing the Evolver stand-alone. Lowpass Filter The analog real analog! Turning a knob will then adjust the parameters of the selected oscillator.


Likewise the remaining rows cover Sequences 2 — 4. For example, when programming a specific melodic line, start by shortening the sequence to four or eight steps until those steps are set, and then gradually move the reset point to lengthen the loop until the desired number of steps is playing. Miscellaneous Audio Parameters Output Hack: How do I save a Program?

Page 16 Poly Chain: Don’t have an account? These are classic Evolver sounds to be played from the keyboard. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Arpeggiator As a last-minute addition, a simple arpeggiator was included as a hidden function. Oscillators There are four oscillators in the Evolver voice. Reverse Stereo 1 — Right channel panned somewhat left, Left somewhat to the right Reverse Stereo 2 — Right channel panned mostly left, Left mostly to the right Reverse Stereo 3 — Right channel panned fully left, Left fully to the right Volume: Global Parameters are fvolver starting on page And, there are ways of combining these, such as gating the sequencer from a keyboard.

Don’t have an account? Since all mod sources in Evolver have a single destination, the four general purpose Mods allow a method to send a mod source such as a sequence or LFO manuak another destination, with a different amount.

Note that Evolver stores the basic 7 bit data.

Or, just look up specific parameters for detailed notes. The factory sound set is on the website if you ever need evolvre refresh it.

At some point you should read through the manual to discover all the little features that you might not notice at first. In the VS, the user waves were 0 – 31, and wave was noise, which is not included because the Evolver has a separate noise generator.


In other words, the outputs on the Poly Evolvers are not as hot as on the Evolver Keyboard or the desktop model.


manula Got it, continue to print. Don’t show me this message again. Page 3 Evolver Operation Manual Version 3. Here are all the possible settings, with the effect on the overall tempo: There is a built-in noise gate that is enabled when distortion is not zero.

Page 15 Here are all the possible settings, with the effect on the overall tempo: Of the 58 controls, 43 of them are pots.

Hold the M blinking. While the sequencer is running, if you hold the S button, the sequence will continue running until finished according to efolver length of Sequence 1and will stop after playing step 1. Refer to the Signal Flow diagram on page 8 for details on the signal path.