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Building my Eggbeater II Omni low Earth orbit satellite Antennas for 70cm I only had vertical 5/8 ground plane antenna fro 70cm and 2m band. M2 Antennas Eggbeater Satellite Antennas offers exciting new performance characteristics for both fixed and mobile operations and will let you. Constructing an egg beater antenna for working satellites is reasonably straight forward. George Wilenski’s (ON6WG / F5VIF) documentation.

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It will do nothing. Not sure where you found the plans, as his original AOL site went away – however I had previously grabbed the pages and Jerry has authorized me to publish them on my server, so here is that link for future reference: Any hints or clear plans would be a help. I eggbeater received good reports from several builders of this antenna. Yet also amtenna that a few very strong stations on Ground Based Elevation 35′ They are lightweight and can be carried out to the FD position, one in each hand.

Login or register to post comments. It has been my workhorse LEO antenna ever since, but of course, it is a directional antenna. How often does a satellite go above 75 degrees?

This site will be missed. I got good copy on the bird once it reached about degrees elevation–compared to to degrees on my original eggbeater.

I suggest a quick continuity test between the shield and center conductor of you coax and phasing lines before you start tearing your hair out. At 5 degrees above the horizon, signals on FO start to come alive. Slip the guide on your pipe and align the line on the top of the guide with the mark on your pipe.


As the pattern rises in elevation, it becomes more and more RHCP. Hi supercazzola, There are no plans, everything is done with pen and paper and the drilholes are just measured and pointed on a PVC tube. Mark a straight line along the length of your pipe. It is recommended reading. I am currently unable to supply any more surplus cable, but you could contact Dino, K6RIX, to see if he can provide you with a small amount. Drilling nice square and correctly aligned holes through a round plastic pipe can be a pain so I designed and printed a simple plastic drilling guide to make this easy.

CGerald R.

Home made Eggbeater antenna – Hardware – Libre Space Community

This implies an ideal omni-directional antenna would have an elevation pattern that was -6 dB from 30 degrees to 90 degrees–focusing the gain from the horizon up to 30 degrees elevation–where you need it the most–but without the deep overhead null presented by high-gain verticals.

The loops will be 54 cm wide by What I did was design eggheater 3d printable drill guide suitable for use with common in the US at any rate 1″ PVC plastic pipe.

The distance is not so critical and can be adjusted a small amount to get the SWR perfect. As a matter of fact it won’t tune at all. If you are using another metric perhaps pipe size, most 3d printers allow you to scale a part without too much difficulty. One for the small set of holes and one for the big set of holes. Jerry’s notes suggest first checking the SWR with the two loops in parallel, without the phasing line.

Note the gain is almost the same at 45 degrees, but the new design is 6 dB better at 30 degrees and about 10 dB better at 15 degrees. If you have a 3d printer and you are using this kind of pipe, it will help you get the holes properly aligned.


Good luck with the rest of it. Hello Joseph, Your antennas gook great! With the reflectors installed, test for SWR.

How is your testing going? The idea of using 2 RG58 cable segments in parallel for the phasing line atenna new to me. See the phasing line sketch view from bottom for right-hand-circular-polarization connections.

[amsat-bb] Homebrew Up-Dated Eggbeater Antenna

I have heard the cable on automobile stereo antennas is RG, so you might want to try your local parts dealer or WalMart to see if a cheap replacement antenna-with-coax is an easy source. There are no plans, everything is done with pen and paper and anteenna drilholes are just measured and pointed on a PVC tube.

I did some testing with a rtl-sdr. If the SWR is above 1.

ZR6AIC: Building my Eggbeater II Omni LEO Antennas

I believe this increase is due to the improved circularity as the pattern rises. This placement helps “pull” the major lobes down to the horizon instead of “pushing” them overhead as in the original eggbeater design.

The ring lungs at one end of the phasing line eggbeatsr be shared with the 50 Ohm feedline F or equal recommended so that only four ring lungs are required.