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Find the most up-to-date version of DIN EN at Engineering BS EN Steel pipes for pipelines for combustible fluids – Technical delivery conditions Part 2: Pipes of requirement class B. BS EN ICS NO COPYING WITHOUT BSI PERMISSION It supersedes BS EN which is withdrawn.

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PN-EN ,2 ||| Steel pipes for pipelines for combustible fluids

For pipes of requirement class B, a weld efficiency factor of 1,0 can be used in design calculations, due to the conditions specified for the manufacture of the pipes and for the testing of the tubes. Dimensions in mm a Positions of test pieces longitudinal, transverse, transverse to the weld?????

The type of pipe and the type of heat treatment as given in the steel name shall be specified by the purchaser.

The verification of compliance with this requirement by means of an ultrasonic test 102208-2 in the pipe mill, at the discretion of the manufacturer either prior to welding of the strip edges in 102008-2 with EN to acceptance limit U2 or after welding on the area adjacent to the weld seam in ac- cordance with EN to acceptance limit U2 shall only be carried out by agreement.

A survey on the tests is given in Table C.

Unless otherwise agreed at the time of enquiry and order, the choice of a suitable physical or chemical ana- lytical method for the product analysis shall be at the discretion of the manufacturer. Iron and steel pipes. Search all products by.

This approach is common, for example, for transmission pipelines. This shall not produce excessive permanent strain. The sum of the diameters of all such permitted individual imperfections in any mm or 12 T of weld length, whichever is the smaller, shall not exceed 6,0 mm or 0,5 T whichever is the smaller, where the separation between individual inclusions is less than 4 T.

You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:. Consequently the manufacturer shall state which of the following methods A or B has been used. Pipes of the highest quality. Message to your colleague. In such a case an ultrasonic test in accordance with EN shall be used. NOTE The definition of level 1, 2 and 3 can be found in appropriate standards, e.


If the pipes are to be heat treated, test coupons may, by agreement, be taken and flattened before the heat treatment. Your shopping cart is empty.

BS EN Steel pipes for Pipelines for Combustible Fluids – MBA智库文档

This approach is common, for example, for transmission pipelines. The details are left to the discretion of the inspector. Introduction Scope Normative references Terms and definitions Symbols and abbreviations Classification and designation Information to be supplied by the purchaser Mandatory information Options Example of ordering Manufacturing Steelmaking Pipe manufacture Heat treatment condition Sizing Strip end welds Jointers General requirements for non-destructive testing Requirements Chemical composition Mechanical properties Weldability Appearance and soundness Dimensions, masses and tolerances Inspection Types of inspection and inspection documents Summary of inspection and testing Selection and preparation of samples and test pieces Test methods Retests, sorting and reprocessing Marking of the pipes General marking Special marking Coating for temporary protection Manufacturing procedure qualification Treatment of imperfections and defects disclosed by visual examination Non-destructive testing Bibliography.

In such a case, an ultrasonic test conducted in either the plate mill or the pipe mill and in the latter case, at the discretion of the manufacturer, in either the flat form or the pipe form, in accordance with EN to acceptance level U2 shall be used. Pipes of requirement class B Status: NOTE As long as existing national design codes specify testing temperatures for the impact and DWT test different from those specified in this document, the necessary deviations may be agreed.

Details and advice can be obtained from the Copyright and Licensing Manager.

Weld beads shall be ground flush, local imperfections may be removed, but mill scale should not be re- moved from the test pieces. Shopping cart Close cart 0, foreach: Lengths of pipe with outside diameters D smaller than ,3 mm shall be weighed either individually or in convenient eh, at the discretion of the manufacturer.

The purchaser shall state, at the time of enquiry and order, 10028-2 impact energy requirements, depending on the safety factor to be used, shall apply. Pipes of requirement class B. Steel names ENDesignation systems for steels — Part 2: This document combines a wide range of product types, dimensions and technical restrictions in accordance with the functional requirements for gas supply systems referred to in BS EN Gas supply systems.


What is a standard?

If the purchaser does not indi- cate a wish to implement any of these options at the time of enquiry and order, the pipe shall be supplied in 102082 with the basic specification see 6. Grinding shall be carried out in such a way that the dressed area blends in smoothly with the contour of the pipe. For the measurement of flat spots and peaks see 9. We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs.

Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance.

E BS EN Subscribe on standards with our subscription 10208. In the case of testing the weld joining two strip ends, the tested unit for every order number should not include more than 50 pipes. Pipe types and the manufacturing process original material, plastic forming and thermal processing state. Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories.

BS EN 10208-2:2009

It 12008-2 more stringent quality and testing requirements than those in EN This European Standard specifies the technical delivery conditions for seamless and welded steel pipes for the on land transport of combustible fluids primarily in gas supply systems but excluding pipeline applications in the petroleum and natural gas industries. It is incorporated by Royal Charter. Steel pipes for pipelines for combustible fluids – Technical delivery conditions – Part 2: Tubes en acier pour conduites de fluides combustibles.

For undated e, the latest edition of the referenced document including any amendments applies. To take this into account, the following formula shall apply: