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View and Download Epson Stylus CX start here manual online. Epson Stylus CX Quick Reference. Stylus CX All in One Printer pdf manual. View and Download Epson Stylus CX basic operation manual online. Epson Basic Operation Guide Printer CX Stylus CX All in One Printer pdf. View and Download Epson Stylus CX product information online. Epson Stylus CX Product Information. Stylus CX All in One Printer pdf manual .

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Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. EPSON disclaims any and all rights in those marks. Safety Instructions Safety Instructions Read all of the instructions in this section when setting up and using this product.

Also, keep this product away from direct sunlight, strong light, and heat sources. Use of another cord may cause fire or electric shock. Warnings, Cautions, and Notes Warnings must be followed carefully to avoid bodily injury. Cautions must be observed to avoid damage to your equipment. Notes contain important information and useful tips on the operation of your printer.

The upper left area of the LCD panel shows the result of pressing the A button, the upper right for the B, the lower left for the C, and the lower right for the D button. Enters the Copy Mode. Press the P On button to turn on this product.

Press the Setup Mode button to enter the Setup Mode. Copying This section describes how to make copies using the control panel. For information on making copies using a computer, see the Reference Guide. Be sure to change the copy layout first before changing the copy settings because all copy settings paper type, print quality, number of copies, paper size return to the default values when the copy layout changes.

For the best quality, use the appropriate paper. Slide out the output extension tray. Move the feeder guard towards you. Fan the paper well, and then tap it on a flat surface to even the edges. Load the paper in the sheet feeder with the face up, and the top edge down. Slide the edge guide to fit the width of the paper. Move the feeder guard back. Placing a Document on the Document Table Note: Open the document cover.

Place the original document facing down on the document table. Make sure that the document is properly aligned. Close the document cover gently so that the document does not move. Copying without margins You can make a copy that covers the entire page of paper by using the BorderFree layout see page 21 to select this layout. Menu item Paper type see page 30 Print Quality Copying with small margins You can make a copy with a 1. You can select number of copied image from Auto, 4, 9 and Gluing the images together Align the images.


Cut the crossover area, and then glue all the images together.

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Be careful when using edged tools. The illustration shows the example of making poster with 4 printouts. The gray area shows the excess area to be cut. Button Numeric buttons By pressing the Menu button when you are in the Copy Mode, you can adjust the following features as well. Saving and recalling copy settings You can save the current copy settings except the number of copies by pressing the l Select button and hold it for 3 seconds.

To recall the settings you have saved, press the r Select button and hold it for 3 seconds. Selecting the copy quality Press the C button repeatedly until the copy quality you want appears on the LCD panel. The options you can select are Draft, Text, Image, and Best.

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Reducing or enlarging copies automatically You can reduce or enlarge a copy automatically by selecting the size of the original document and the copying result. Selecting the paper size Select the appropriate size of the paper loaded on the sheet feeder as described below. Press the D button repeatedly until the appropriate paper size appears on the LCD panel. The paper size you can select are: When you load the 4R size paper, select 10 Setting the number of copies Making copies lighter or darker This product allows you to adjust the copying density in nine steps.

Press the Menu button to enter the Copy Menu. Press the OK button. The LCD panel is shown below. Printing Directly from a Memory Card This product allows you to print photos directly from a memory card without using a computer. For information on printing from a computer, refer to the Reference Guide. If the message the LCD panel, load a memory card properly before you go on to the next step.

On the Index Form, use a dark pen to fill in the circles underneath the photos that you want to print, and specify the paper type. See the examples below. Printing multiple photos from an Index Form You can select and print contiguous photos on an Index Form e. You can only select a continuous range of photo numbers.

Press the x Color button to start printing. Printing All Photos on a Memory Card Using this feature, you can print all photos stored on a memory card. This product conforms to DPOF version 1. DPOF lets you set photo numbers and the number of copies for photos stored on a digital camera, before you start printing.

Loading Memory Cards Loadable memory card This product features three memory card slots. The types of memory cards loadable for each slot are shown below. Available image files You can use image files that meet the following requirements.

Make sure the memory card light beside the memory card slot is off, and then insert a memory card as far as it can go into the appropriate slot. You can load only one memory card at a time. Close the memory card slot cover.


If the images are stored on the memory card, the following message appears. Press the D or OK button. Ejecting memory cards Make sure all the printing job is finished and the memory card light is not flashing. Open the memory card slot cover. Eject the memory card by pulling it out straight from the slot. Press the button A, B, or C for the setting you want to change, repeatedly until the desired option appears on the LCD panel.

The list below shows the options you can select and the required button to press. Canceling Printing To cancel printing, press the y Stop button. Do not pull on the paper. The paper being copied will come out automatically to the output tray.

Printing Directly from a Memory Card Scanning by using the LCD panel and buttons This product allows you to scan images to a memory card, computer, or e-mail available on a computerand then edit them to meet your needs.

To scan images to a computer or e-mail, see the Reference Guide. You cannot scan films. Then press the D or OK button. Press the corresponding button repeatedly until the selection you want appears on the LCD panel see the list below.

Do not remove the memory card or turn off the product while printing or while the memory card light is flashing. Data on the memory card may be lost.

This product allows you to scan an image to a computer or send an e-mail with the scanned image attached by using this epdon. This product allows you to scan an image and then send an e-mail with the scanned image attached.

Connect this product to your computer, and then start up the computer. Color ink cartridge Caution: EPSON will not warranty any damage caused by the use of other products. The epxon of ink appears. However, careful handling is recommended. Do not touch the supply port of the ink cartridge or its surrounding area.

The IC chip accurately monitors the amount of ink used by each cartridge, so even if a cartridge is removed and then later inserted again, all of its ink can be used. Replacing an Ink Cartridge Follow the steps below to replace ink cartridges.

Make sure this product is on. When the ink is empty: Refer to the LCD panel manuap to see which ink cartridge is empty, and then press the x Color button. Make sure that the document cover is closed, and then open the scanner unit.