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Evelina, or, the History of a Young Lady. papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Evalina by Frances Burney. Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Buy Evelina (The Penguin English Library) UK ed. by Frances Burney (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

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Frances Burney was a novelist, diarist and playwright. A thousand times I wished I had never left Berry Hill: And his falling in love is a little queer. Mirvan seated herself, and made a slight, though respectful, invitation to Lord Orville to drink his tea with us; which, to my no small consternation, he accepted. I dare not hesitate at a request from Mrs.

The Captain intends to take us to-night to the Fantoccini. Your lengthened stay in London, and the dissipation in which I find you are involved, fill me with uneasiness. I interrupted him — I blush for my folly, — with laughing; yet I could not help it; for, added to the man’s stately foppishness, and he actually took snuff between every three words when I looked around at Lord Orville, I saw such extreme surprise in his face, — the cause of which appeared so absurd, that I could not for my life preserve my gravity.

Farrell and Muriel Spark come to mind as possible comparisons.

Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney

I have just had my hair dressed. I am amazed she would marry him. The servant, whom I shall commission to call for an answer, has orders to ride post with it to me. It is a really good example of a Regency novel, well evelona, and lots of fun. Addressing Lord Orville with great respect, he said, “I beg pardon, my Lord, — if I was — as I fear might be the case — rather too severe vurney my censure of the lady who is honoured with your protection — but, my Lord, ill-breeding is apt to provoke a man.


Mirvan stopped bureny, saying, that I should then be obliged to return to town with only the foreigner, or Sir Clement. The authors either don’t know, or just don’t abide by, the rules of fiction that we’re all used to.

Catching up with the classics 12 I had such high hopes for this novel.

Evelina – Wikipedia

This, she said, was a plan she had formed from the instant she had heard of my birth; which, she protested, did not reach her ears till I must have been twelve years of age; but Monsieur Duval, who she declared was the worst husband in the world, would not permit her to do any thing she wished: In a few minutes, Miss Branghton coming suddenly up to her sister, exclaimed, “Lord, Polly, only think! Evelina by Fanny Burney. Just two marriages to conclude the farce, with no one the wiser.

Mirvan with a good humoured smile byy, “I will even treat you with your own plainness, and try what effect that will have on you: I commit her to the protection of your Ladyship, and only hope she may be found worthy half the goodness I am satisfied she will meet with at your hospitable mansion. Villars dreads the change.

My heart trembles for your future tranquility. Ultimately, Lord Orville suggests that the unfortunate girl be named co-heiress with Evelina; kindhearted Evelina is delighted.


All eyes were then turned to Monsieur Du Bois, whose clothes were in the same miserable plight with those of Madame Duval; and who, wet, shivering, and disconsolate, had crept to the fire. The novel opens with a distressed letter from Lady Howard to her longtime acquaintance, the Reverend Arthur Villars, in which she reports that Mme Duval, the grandmother of Villars’ wardEvelina Anville, intends to visit England to renew her acquaintance with her granddaughter Evelina.

Duval is furious and threatens to rush Evelina back to Paris to pursue the lawsuit. What can I say for my usurpation? Mirvan are all in the circle of high life; this artless young creature, with too much beauty to escape notice, has too much sensibility to be indifferent to it; but she has too little wealth to be sought with propriety by men of the fashionable world. In this 3-volume epistolary noveltitle character Evelina is the unacknowledged but legitimate daughter of a dissipated English aristocrat, thus raised in rural seclusion until her evelija year.

Mirvan dvelina to divert the Captain’s ill-humour, by starting new subjects: In sending her to Howard Grove, not one of these scruples arise; and therefore Mrs. I have hardly time to breathe — only just this, the houses and streets are not quite so superb as I expected. Mirvan to lead to a seat; which she very obligingly did.