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The problem with these cures, the British novelist Kingsley Amis () wrote in his now-classic book “On Drink,” is that they deal only. Review: Everyday Drinking by Kingsley AmisThese recipes belong to a vanished world, in which you had to think hard as to how to get as much. ‘I don’t really like wine. Gin is for pansies, and liqueurs are best left to patent- shoed Wops’.

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By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Detalhes do produto Formato: And now that I’m dead, there’s no harm in Bloomsbury repackaging the same material distilleed times in the same collection. Each chapter is packed with observations that, in their utter disregard for political correctness, social inclusiveness and phoney compassion, are as punchy and uplifting as the vile cocktails they describe.

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Review: Everyday Drinking by Kingsley Amis | Books | The Guardian

In a charming and funny way, he instructs the uninitiated in how to drink like a drinming, and does a fine job.


The War Against Cliche: He was the author of more than 20 novels, including the classic Lucky Jim.

It is an excellent heartener and sustainer at the outset of a hard day: I think he was pretty consistent. And, for my two cents, he is funniest when he returns again and again to “The Wine Problem. Seja o primeiro a avaliar este item Lista de mais vendidos da Amazon: I don’t really like wine. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. If found this to be the most entertaining and informative part of the book.

I once tried not drinking for several hours and my wives and mistresses said how dull it was that I was conscious and they were spared removing my soiled trousers from my bloated legs. Experience Vintage International English Edition.

You’ve read Lucky Jim, now try drinking it

If only that were the case. Here is the beloved, bestselling compendium of Kingsley Amis’s wisdom on the cherished subject of drinking.

My advice is to offer them the cheapest tipple you can find; my local off-licence does a ghastly Mosel at 70p a bottle. He died in at the age of Habilitado Leitor de tela: This is why I prefer to do much of my drinking at home. Elsewhere, Amis laments the destruction wrought on the English pub.


Along with a series of well-tested recipes including a cocktail called the Lucky Jim are Amis’s musings on The Hangover, The Boozing Man’s Diet, The Mean Sod’s Guide, and presumably as a matter of speculation How Not to Get Drunk – all leavened with fun quizzes on the making and drinking of alcohol all over the world.

Leia mais Leia menos. A good gift book.

Everyday Drinking Quotes by Kingsley Amis

Other editions – View all Everyday Drinking: You will usually find that everyone quickly avoids you, thereby relieving you of the need to make conversation. Fisher would be nodding her head from A Better World. Have I mentioned that I’m partial to a Macallan?

Gin is for pansies, though a snifter with water doesn’t go amiss. Not that I am an alcoholic.

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