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: Eastern Approaches (Penguin World War II Collection) ( ): Fitzroy Maclean: Books. Buy Eastern Approaches (Penguin World War II Collection) by Fitzroy MaClean ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. Eastern Approaches has ratings and 97 reviews. Here Fitzroy Maclean recounts his extraordinary adventures in Soviet Central Asia, in the Western.

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Maclean spent months there with him, “talking, eating, and above all, arguing”. It’s clear from the narrative why it was this particular speech that inspired Darkness at Noon, though given that the novel came out before this book, I wondered if there was some retrospective influence on Maclean’s conclusions. Based on all the praise it got in the reviews, Maclwan expected more.

But whatever it is, it zings along in entirely cheery and boisterous fashion, and is remarkably entertaining along the way. The early part of the book is largely concerned with his travels in Soviet Central Asia. Its main weaknesses are that the least interesting section comes first, that Maclean’s descriptions can be overly stereotyped or idealizing and thus less interesting, and that there isn’t much “character development” in quotes as this is nonfiction with it being hard to keep track even of recurring characters.

Eastern Approaches

The first challenge Maclean faced was getting into military service at all. The advertising for the book describes Maclean as the real-life model for James Bond, but his true strengths were in connecting with people in very unusual surroundings and enlisting them fitzroh the Allied cause.

After some fantastic, and fantastically hair-raising, adventures among the Desert Rats trying behind-the-lines sabotage, someone decides he’s just the guy to see whether Tito is real and deserves British support–notwithstanding that Yugoslavia is about the only country Maclean never visited.

Jumping blind into enemy territory in Yugoslavia ought to have been horrifying, but he treats it almost as a bit of a lark. He wanted to be back in the action, and it looked as if the Germans were planning to withdraw from Yugoslavia.


Eastern Approaches – Wikipedia

Eventually, after an all-night march across noisy stony ground, dodging German patrols as they crossed a major road, the little group reached Zadvarjewhere they were greeted with astonishment as creatures from another world “as indeed in a sense we were”. Although admitting “full political and juridical responsibility” for the crimes, he denies — convincingly — each easternn claim murder, sabotage, etc.

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Not satisfied with a ringside seat at a witch hunt, he spends his holidays travelling in the near East, dodging NKVD minders and Intourist officials to see Samarkhand and Kabul. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It looked, I thought, invitingly cool and refreshing after the sand maclran glare of North Africa.

All the same, to end on that note would miss the exhilaration of the man.

The first stage was retracing his steps on a five-day train journey to Alma Ata; the train ran via Orenburg and the Aral Seathen parallel to the Syr Darya and the mountains of Easter Kyrgyzstan.

The book covers approximately eight years in MacLean’s life. Together they obtained the use of a Baltimore bomber and an escort of Lightnings. He wants to travel to Armenia and Georgia.

Eastern Approaches: Fitzroy MacLean: : Books

He fights the Nazis alongside Tito, including some close calls, and gets the Fitzdoy air-dropped weapons and supplies. The final section is the most detailed and interesting.

There is no false glory: His Moscow posting gives Maclean the opportunity to indulge his interest in xpproaches and exploration, as he dodges Russian secret police eaxtern travel through Soviet Central Asia, Afghanistan and Iran. I read this long ago when I was still at school, but remember it with great fondness.

Quite an experience, this one. It was here that ” Lili Marlene “, the song broadcast from Radio Belgrade and which he had listened to night after night, from the desert to the mountain tops, finally ceased. Tito, since the end of November Marshal of Eaeternwas delighted with the recognition from Churchill, as from one statesman to another.


Then we came in and dried ourselves and put on the clean shirts which each of us had kept rolled up in his pack against just such an occasion as this. It consists of accounts of three separate short periods in his life: The project was soon shelved, so Maclean accepted an invitation from David Stirling to join the newly approachee Special Air Service. I particularly enjoyed him out-pacing the KGB by hundreds of yards when walking, then stoping to let them catch up.

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Not long after singing praises of sledding to his woodland dacha, Maclean gets a courtroom seat for one of Stalin’s largest macleann He returned to Moscow with plans for a further trip. Nov 10, Mike rated it it was amazing Shelves: He is parachuted into occupied Yugoslavia as head of an official British military mission to the Partisans led by Tito – this at a time when the British government is actually backing another group of insurgents.

Competent, creative, and intelligent, he rises quickly through the ranks and is trusted with very difficult missions.

With a jerk maclesn parachute opened and I found myself dangling, as it were at the end of a string, high above a silent mountain valley, greenish-grey and misty in the light of the moon. The front cover calls Maclean’s memoir “The best book you will read this year” and for once a clever line in a blurb is hard to challenge.