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If I call REPORT FORM from a form, foxpro prints what appears to be debug the bug returns even with the fixes to the report listener class. Visual FoxPro General. Visual FoxPro Dear friends, I have used Report listener with its quietmode.t. to send output of the report to html file. vfp 9 introduces a new reporting system based on listeners additive * create a report listener object local loreportlistener loreportlistener.

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I never found the cause of the problem, but I solved it satisfactorily by modifying the report listener code. It depends on how the ListenerType property is configured. For example, the following code taken from CustomizePreview. The green portion of an RGB value for the fill color.

This reportlistneer often the default datasession. PRG results in the output shown in Figure 1. Because this event fires before the FRX loads and the printer spool opens, this is the one place where you can change the contents of the FRX on disk or change the printer environment before the report runs. Specify the directive using the following syntax: Fox to Fox Visual FoxPro. You can override repoftlistener method to perform various types of output. The results are cool but completely impractical.

PrintRangeFrom N Defaults to 1. The green portion of an RGB value for the pen color.


In that case, OutputPage will handle outputting to the specified file. Like the Unload event of a form, UnloadReport fires after the report runs. For a programmer it reportlistenre not be “too technical” to move one line of code before one other line. And that concludes our journey through the outsourced reporting components of Visual FoxPro 9.

Note that this code uses ReportListener:: Foxpo Visual FoxPro development team had several goals in mind when they worked on the runtime improvements, including:. How OutputPage is Affected. EvaluateContents calls the HandleDirective method of each handler in the collection, passing it the feportlistener object passed in to EvaluateContents and the directive argument.

Providing a more flexible and extendible reporting system You have access to both the old report engine and the new one, so you can run reports under either engine as you see fit.

Report Listener – Visual FoxPro Wiki

Has anyone else encountered this problem. ReportListener can output to a VFP form so you can create custom preview windows. And this is normally the case in my apps. OnPreviewClose endif vartype This. The code shown in Listing 2taken from TestColumnChart. Saturday, November 17, 3: ShowFile 1 The Developer Download files for this chapter, available at www.

VFP 9.0 Reporting System Fundamentals – Part 2

This is the TestColumnChart. The top position of the object. A number of utility methods exist that make it easier to work with listeners. The results are shown in Figure 3.

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Switch back to our datasession. Presumably the ones included in the original post Oops. Reload L Set this to. See the discussion of the OutputPage method for a list of values. The Next and Previous buttons display the next and previous pages in the report. APP reportoistener variable; it will instantiate the preview window class into that variable.

A report that needs more than one of these behaviors requires multiple listeners. Text C The text to be output for the field repogtlistener. Show method of the object assigned to its PreviewContainer property. The report engine passes -1 as nDeviceType and 0 as eDevice.

Before Visual FoxPro 9, the report engine was monolithic; it handled everything and with a few exceptions user-defined function, reportlistenre for OnEntry and OnExit of bands, and so forthyou couldn’t interact with it during a report run.

The number of pages rendered. This is a show stopper for me. OutputPage must be called manually to output the specified page after all rendering is complete. Here’s an example that runs two reports as if they were a single one:. Select a report from the list and click the Preview button to preview the report in the form. The NewPreview class in NewPreview.