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adj – fractional fraccionamiento (т) – fractionation fractura (0 – fracture fractura hangman’s fracture fractura (О deprimida – depressed fracture fractura (О. C2 fractures were classified into odontoid fractures types 1, 2, and 3, Hangman’s fractures types 1, 2, and 3, and atypical C2 fractures. , vol, n.1, pp. ISSN There are 2 types of axis injuries with the same radiological appearance that are known as Hangman´s fracture.

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In children younger than 24 months there can be physiologic widening of the prevertebral space during forcefull expiration i. Thirty-eight of the C2 fractures were odontoid, 17 were Hangman’s, and 15 were atypical. On the left images of an unrestrained passenger, who was ejected from a vehicle hangmam found confused and combative at the scene. This finding is not uncommon among spinal fractures [ 67 ].

The cervical cord has normal signal throughout. Systematic review on surgical and nonsurgical treatment of type II odontoid fractures in the elderly.

It typicals results from a hard blow to the front of the knee or falling on the knee. Swelling and displacement can cause compression on the median nerve which results in acute carpal tunnel syndrome and requires prompt treatment. There is only injury to the central part of the cord and these patients have disproportioned weakness of their arms and normal strength in their legs. Hangman’ s fracture The Hangman’ s fracture is the most common cervical spine fracture.

Since most Hangman’s fractures require a high-energy injury mechanism, they are less common among elderly, indirectly raising the odontoid fracture proportion [ 22 ]. This study presents reliable age specific proportions and incidences of C2 fractures subtypes in a comprehensive regional dataset. The wrist may be radially deviated due to shortening of the radius bone. Castingsurgery [1]. Journal of Spinal Disorders.


The Radiology Assistant : Spine – Cervical injury

feactura Cost effectiveness of operative versus non-operative treatment of geriatric type-II odontoid fracture. The NEXUS criteria state that a patient with suspected c-spine injury can be cleared providing the following:. The subarachnoid space is hyperdense due to the hemorrhage arrow.

Type II odontoid fractures of the cervical spine: The analysis of treatment differences due to accessibility requires a national cohort study design. Lisfranc Jones March Calcaneal.

The observed annual increase of incidence of odontoid fractures can be caused by a detection bias. Axial compression injuries Jefferson fracture is a burst fracture of the ring of C1 with lateral displacement of both articular masses.

The hangman’s fracture is common in diving accidents. The Journal of Trauma: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Distal radius fracture – Wikipedia

Flexion tear drop fracture 2 Look for additional findings on the MR-images and then continue reading. Prognosis varies depending on dozens of variables. The contralateral facetjoint is only distracted. In Sweden all patient contacts within the public healthcare system are registered prospectively in a national patient registry with unique personal identification number and diagnosis codes using the 10th version of the International Classification of Diagnosis ICD [ 13 ].

No posterior midline cervical spine tenderness is present. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Complete spinal cord injury Total absence of sensation and motor function caudal to the level of injury. Extension-teardrop fracture 2 On the left another extension-teardrop fracture of C2. Articles Cases Courses Quiz. In such a patient with spondylosis which has led to narrowing of the canal, a low velocity injury can lead to spinal cord injury.


Retrieved from ” https: InMalgaigne described the mechanism of injury for distal end radius fractures which can be caused by falling on the outstretched hand or on the back of the hand, and also the consequences if the hand fracture is not treated adequately. It is typically the result of a hyperextension and distraction injury.

No correlation was found for other C2 fracture subtypes. First study the MR-images.

Distal radius fracture

Subtle discontinuity of the arch of C2 Continue with fracturw CT-images. Both scoring systems show good reliability and validity. Restoration of bony alignment is not a guarantee of success, as soft tissue contributes significantly to the healing process.

Avulsion of the tip of the dens where it is attached to C1. Whether there is a correlation between elderly care and risk of C2 fractures is not investigated, yet, and warrants further research. Trauma to the front of the knee [1]. Competing Interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

In this study a trend towards surgical management was found, as well. Some of these patients tolerate severe deformities and minor loss of wrist fracctura very well, even without reduction of the fracture.

In the absence of high-level evidence, the treatment rationale of odontoid fractures type II of the elderly has hahgman a matter of debate. The injury mainly occurs from falls, usually in elderly adults, and motor accidents mainly due to impacts of high force causing extension of the neck and great axial load onto the C2 vertebra.