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Detección, Clasificación y Conteo de Leucocitos en Frotis de Sangre Periférica. J . Martínez-Castro* S. Reyes-Cadena** E. Felipe-Riverón *. * Centro de. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. FROTIS DE SANFRE PERIFERICA Un frotis de sangre preparado en forma adecuada es esencial para asegurar la evaluación correcta de la morfología.

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Leukocyte frofis segmentation using simulated visual attention. NCI; [citado 21 Abr ]. The repetitive procedure proved to be very tedious and in the long run can cause disruptions in the visual health of the people responsible for this task. Segmentation subdivides an image into its constituent regions or objects.

Frotis de sangre

Computerize d Medica l Imagin g an d Graphics35 4: Nelson Rafael Terry Leonard. Platelets are smaller particles not clinically so important. From our test we obtained results that could be considered very near the perfect classification. Indian Institute of Science. The leukocytes, better known as white blood cells, lack of pigment. More recently Ghosh et al.


The effectiveness of our method was tested with a blind experiment. Dempster, Shahid Khan, and Bill Jarra. They concluded that Cauchy functions provide better segmentation, particularly for leukocyte recognition, in comparison with Gamma function-based divergence. To achieve our goal, we digitalized samples of blood and we preprocessed them in order to enhance their quality.

Medscape [revista en Internet]. Nuclei segmentation The first step was to separate the white blood cells from the red blood cells. Springer Berlin Sangrr, Leukocytes segmentation After segmenting the nuclei to perifedica them from the erythrocytes, we proceed to separate them from the nuclear membrane.

Blood cell image segmentation: Segmentation should stop when the objects of interest in an application have been isolated [1]. In order to differentiate white blood cells in the microscope, it is needed to process the samples and apply a specific stain.


In Liao and Deng [6], were the first to introduce a shape analysis for white blood cell segmentation. Micron41 7: The fully segmented objects are shown in the Fig.

Hematology is the branch of medical science responsible for the study of the elements integrating the blood as well as their precursors, and the structural and biochemical disorders of these elements that can lead to a disease. Once the cells are fully segmented, the classifier k -NN perifeirca applied using the first Minkowski metric 1 to perform the count of the five normal shapes objects of study. Then, we described the methodologies carried out in the segmentation of each type of leukocyte.

The sample contained 21 neutrophils, 9 eosinophils, 2 basophils, 7 monocytes and 21 Lymphocytes previously classified by the hematologist. We present a literature review describing pericerica variations of the peripheral lamina that can occur in diseases that most frequently affect the elderly, with the objective of offering a material for teaching residents of Hematology and Geriatrics. A method based on multispectral imaging technique for white blood cell segmentation.

The test consisted in classifying and counting the leukocytes present in a sample of 45 smears obtained from patients of the National Institute of Rehabilitation, in Mexico City. The adaptive thresholding [13] is a method that enables us to select the optimal threshold based on the probability distribution of gray levels represented in the histogram of the image.

Erythrocytes are a-nucleated cells that belong to the series of red blood cells. Automatic classifier of leukocytes, k -NN, Minkowski metric, Pattern recognition, Digital image processing.

Different types of white blood cells vary in color, granularity and texture, especially in the cytoplasm. Points above the diagonal represent good classification and points below represent poor classification. An approach that actively selects efficient samples by simulating visual attention [7], uses a two-stage method bottom-up and top-down via learning by on-line sampling to automatically segment complex leukocyte images.


In general, papers dealing with automatic means to isolate leukocytes from erythrocytes and other organelles in peripheral blood are based on the color pericerica size of these objects. Note the diagonal that divides the ROC space; this diagonal represents the random classification.

Frotis de sangre – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Leukocytes are cells that represent the main mechanism of the body’s defense against infectious processes and inflammatory and allergic reactions. In order to validate segmentation output it is necessary to know the ground truth that is the true features of each object of interest. Hallazgo de linfopenia incidental [Internet]. Esta anemia se observa con frecuencia en el anciano por sangrado digestivo.

The point 0, 1 represents the perfect classification. The objective of this work is to describe a computational system, platform independent, that enables the identification, counting and classification of the five normal forms of leukocytes present in the peripheral blood.

To get these objects in their original color we apply the logical AND between the original image Fig. Wolters Kluwer; [citado 6 Mar ]. ABSTRACT Using the k -NN classifier in combination with the first Minkowski metric, in addition to techniques of digital image processing, we developed a computational system platform-independent, which is able to identify, to classify and to count five normal types of leukocytes: Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Basophils, Monocytes and Lymphocytes.

Alphen aan den Rijn: Diagnosis of bacteremia on a Blood smear.

Conganat; [citado 23 Feb ]. Examination of the Blood and Bone Marrow.