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Dutch, Staunton Gambit (1 d4 f5 2 e4 fxe4 3 Nc3 Nf6 4 Bg5): chess opening performance statistics, strategy and tactics, famous games, PGN download. Viewable chess game Howard Staunton vs NN, , with discussion forum and el luchador: es más fuerte jugar P4D antes que en el gambito Evans. has only the name Gambito de Damian (Damiano Gambit), and the Italian school of the 16th c. only added the names the ; Staunton appears to have.

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I actually like the idea of thing’s like combating the Falkbeer and the Adelaide. This article uses algebraic notation to describe chess moves. Study this game well and stzunton will be cured. No spamming, advertising, or duplicating posts. J Schulten vs Morphy.

A83: Dutch, Staunton gambit, Staunton’s line

J Schulten vs Kolisch. R Brien vs F G Janssens.

F Erkel vs L Spitzer. Opening of the Day: Number of games in database: Both RCC and Eric. Nf3 Nf6 is the best way to meet 2.

Qe7, White has no good gambjto to defend the knight. Although the Staunton Gambit was once a feared weapon for White, it is rarely played today, since theory has shown how to neutralise it, and White scores only about 50 percent. I’m not trying to get on your case, I’m just pointing out that it isn’t a waiting move.


Qe2 is a modern alternative. C T Goering vs J Minckwitz. M Lange vs W Hauptmann. Pick your username gambiito and join the chessgames community!

Staunton Gambit

Kolisch vs Von Kylman. D M Martinez vs J Mason.

Nf3 to be ,quote, “practically refuted. I always found this gambit to be of mixed value. W Potter vs Steinitz.

Gambit am yet to find a safe line through the kings gambit. You need to pick a username and password to post a reply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Staunton Gambit – Wikipedia

Thus this Knight has made a progress toward the center. To proclaim a gambit used by Bronstein, Fischer, Spassky, and many more to be a bad staunron for white is madness. F H Elder vs Mackenzie. The main line Dutch of 1 d4 f5 2.

Howard Staunton vs NN ()

There must be a quiet way through this opening. Hopefully Carlsen’s game will get GMs to give this great opening a second look. Retrieved from ” https: Carlsen vs Wang Yue, I think the only thing that has been refuted is the long standing claim by many that the KG is not sound.


The King’s gambit is no longer popular due to new defenses and counter pawn sacrifices, and things that put gambits out of business. No bambito attacks against other members.

Fischer’s article “busting” the KGA was pretty unconvincing, and his system certainly did not finish off the gambit. The only opening stat that matters is personal experience. Black has a great advantage in the KGA, so simply play gaambito.

I wonder with a bit of study if e5, nc6, nf3 might give anything. Qxe4 dxe4, Black has an extra pawn and the two bishops for no compensation, and should win with best play.

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