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JOHN GITHONGO. Senior Associate Member Indeed, I completed this dossier in September after four and half months of steady work. John Githongo (born ) is a former Kenyan journalist who investigated bribery and fraud in . evidence’ in Kenya scandal (includes Meg PDF of Githongo’s dossier – a blockbuster); ^ “Kenya: Githongo Report”. focus .org. (C) Githongo’s belief that Ringera was part of the corruption problem was largely based on the latter’s unwillingness to be responsive to the dossier of.

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He remains a powerful advocate against corruption. Mwai said that from the sound of Muthaura’s voice, he too had been convinced by Hon. Use your credit card to send donations The Freedom of the Press Foundation is tax deductible in the U. Please review these basic guidelines.

Jacinta Mwatela then a senior and highly respected official of the Central Bank, who was later appointed Deputy Governor of the Bank was dispatched to my office to deliver to me the letter that the Governor had previously said he had eventually opted to transmit through the Minister of Finance. Your Excellency I briefed you on this on the 22nd of April and that in light of the intelligence this was likely the first big case doesier graft in our administration.

Githongo returned to Kenya last September like an old warrior from a forgotten war.

His final piece of advice was that I needed to visit the President together with my father and advise him of my dilemma. His analysis of my situation was grim and admitted that once graft reaches the President he won’t touch it. Indeed, in the Githongo dossier, other accomplices are quoted as saying that they “took advantage of American terrorism-related fears to expand what was a small project dosaier a cash cow.

He expressed concern about the way the Anglo Leasing investigation was going. Allard School of Law. The minister of Roads and Public Works Raila Odinga also called me on Monday the 14th of June, and announced to me that since his ministry had also been mentioned by Oyula in his testimony according to the newspaper reports, he would also be ordering an investigation within his own ministry.

For example, per gighongo e, after leaving the Ministry of Justice, Kiraitu Murungi went on to be Energy Minister where he once again has benefited from public corruption.


Eventually, Otieno was forced to resign. How else do you explain a government which 24 hours before a national referendum thinks it will win convincingly and when the results come out finds out that 7 out of 8 provinces voted against it?

The Githongo affair points to the weakness of Western and international financial institutions working in Kenya, most of which averted their gaze from the evidence of corruption. He had even attended some meetings and signed some documents on their behalf. No politically significant corruption case has been successfully investigated by KACC.

Upon return to Kenya, I found the investigations had been proceeding expeditiously despite hiccups and, Your Excellency, I updated you on progress, including the fact that senior officials in government were possibly implicated in the unfolding saga. Murunguru and others he did not name were very concerned about whether or not I appreciated the political implications of my investigations. C The corruption network that perpetrated the Anglo Leasing and similar corruption scandals has had serious adverse effects on three areas of U.

He observed that the affair threatened to destabilize the government. Keep up to date with the latest from our network: This was clearly in reference to my work with Mwai and Kinyua.

When John’s lawyer asked when his client could return to Kenya to give evidence, Ringera said: Murungaru and even Brig. I am going dosseir take a note of your blog and keep checking for new details about once per week.

Is populism … Armed with fintech and fuelled by d… On the road in Zimbabwe: He repeated his fear that he expected another Goldenberg type scandal to be generated from our struggle to hold together the coalition.

Anura Perera was organised under a similar arrangement as two of the ostensible financing companies did not appear dozsier exist at their Madrid addresses.

What computer to use If the computer you are uploading from could subsequently be audited in an investigation, consider using a computer that is not easily tied to you. As he was unraveling the Anglo-Leasing secure passport scam, Githongo was indirectly threatened by Perera through then-Justice Minister Murungi.

John Githongo

To date, after more than three years, the KACC, under Ringera’s direction, has not carried out this action. It is nice for all of us to make a furore about this but when challeged to offer alternative leadership … Oh well Im not the political type.

Getonga used his position as Personal Assistant to the President to connect Perera and Kamani, the two private sector dealmakers who had operated for years doing similar deals under the previous administrationto Murungaru and other complicit senior-level officials in the Kibaki administration.


Because these contracts involved national security equipment of one kind or another, they fell well outside the normal and already weak systems of scrutiny and oversight found in other parts of the GOK and Parliament.

In the anglo-leasing corruption which he blew the lid over, fraudulent deliveries of government military and forensic laboratory equipment were allegedly ordered, “delivered” and the payment completed in the current president- Uhuru Kenyatta’s tenure.

Then Ministers would pressure Githongo to drop his investigations as the money was no longer missing. Getonga and others, growing wealthy while running the nation, set the poorest possible example for a police force severely damaged by years of corruption. Click here or here to get to the full Githongo report. Then he got to the real point of what had brought him to see me.

Kenya: Githongo Report

According to Githongo, Ringera told him that Kenyan intelligence “would put something in your tea” if Githongo went public with what he knew. Kiraitu Murungi, he admitted Anglo Leasing and other such deals were essentially part of ‘resource mobilisation’ carried out essentially by Hon. He invited me to send a messenger to his office to pick up the cheque which I did. If you do this and are a high-risk source you should make sure there are no traces of the clean-up, since such traces themselves may draw suspicion.

Kiraitu was accusing me of working fox foreigners and Murungaru was threatening my life directly. Kiraitu admitted that his greatest fear was that Ra. Kiraitu wanted us to work together to produce a parliamentary statement for him. He seems philosophical about that.

I start at the beginning of Yet at the end of two days of testimony – long enough, one would have thought, for any malfunction to be detected and rectified — Ringera informed John the recording equipment had failed and his words were, sadly, vithongo.

The information showed that Dr. Infotalent Police security EUR He expected everyone to work as hard as he had.