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A mysterious Dark Horseman slays young girls near the village of Dikanka, and he has already butchered 11 ladies. Nikolai Gogol, a scribe from Saint. (The “Viy” is a monstrous creation of popular fancy. It is the name which the inhabitants of Little Russia give to the king of the gnomes, whose eyelashes reach to. (The “Viy” is a monstrous creation of popular fancy. It is the name which the inhabitants of Little Russia give to the king of the gnomes, whose.

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The Viy / Nikolai Gogol

Guro Yakov Petrovich Alexander Petrov The young philosopher, who, with the enthusiasm of a novice, had made such full use of his privileges as a student that his gkgol and coat and even his cap reeked of brandy and tobacco, agreed readily to the proposal. He could empty a quart pot of brandy in the twinkling of an eye. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

God knows what is to happen; God knows everything. Although the philosopher had seized the opportunity of fortifying himself beforehand with a stiff glass of brandy, yet he felt a certain secret fear which increased as he approached the church, which was lit up within. After telling his story, Dorosch looked around him with a complacent air, and cleaned out his pipe with his little finger in order to fill it again.

The bell-ringer nodded assent. A strange, oppressive, and yet sweet sensation took possession of his heart.

He descended into the court-yard and beheld there a kibitka, which he at first took for a barn on wheels. He brought in the skirt of his long coat some sausages, and laid them on the table, where, though forbidden by the Talmud, they looked very seductive. The water sprite Rusalka seen by Khoma during his night ride bears relation to the “midnight dead”. I know all about it, for here, in Kieff, all the old women in the market-place are witches.


Slowly he turned his head in order to look at the corpse. Her brow, soft as snow and pure as silver, seemed to be thinking; the fine, regular eyebrows shadowed proudly the closed eyes, whose lashes gently rested on her cheeks, which seemed to glow with secret longing; her lips still appeared to smile.

Viy (story)

But what was that below — wind or music? But woe is me, my flower, my dove, my light! The film ends with scenes from the sequel, ” Gogol. Waking up at the scene of the murder, Gogol falls under the suspicion of Binh no one except him saw the killer and finds on the floor the spell he wrote in Latin.

A self-satisfied smile played round the lips of the old Cossack whose name was Javtuch, when he found that his remark had touched the old woman on a tender point. The village reached down to the plain; meadows stretched away to an immense distance, their bright green growing gradually dark; far away, about twenty versts off, many other villages were visible.

I have made no alterations, but reproduce it in the same simple form in which I heard it. Works by Nikolai Gogol.

Views Read Edit Viu history. They talked of all and everything — of the new pair of breeches which someone had ordered for himself, of what might be in the centre of the earth, and of the wolf which someone had seen. When he is shown the gofol, however, he finds it is the witch he overcame earlier in the story. He had a jug of ale standing before him, looked on all who went in and out in a cold-blooded, self-satisfied way, and thought no more of his strange adventure.


The priest arrives the next day to find the monsters frozen in the windows as they tried to flee the church. Taking the gun, Gogol goes there at night, but instead of the Horseman, Darina is brought there by the sorcerer. Yakim Marta Timofeeva Artyom Tkachenko The philosopher began now to inspect the locality and the buildings, which he had not been able to do during the night. The words which the latter overheard filled him with a certain fear: Gobol, on the same evening the philosopher was to be seen in an ale-house.

The battle generally ended in a victory for the latter, and the philosophers retired to the different class-rooms rubbing their aching limbs, and throwing themselves on the benches to take breath. There were a number of wits in the company — a yogol which is always represented in Little Russia. But he doubts his ability won’t stop what’s gonna happen. The colonel turned and signed to him to take his place at the head of the dead girl, before a little prayer-desk on which some books lay.

Sympathy, and a strange feeling of excitement, and a hitherto unknown fear overpowered him. The walls of the house were supported by similar pillars. But the Cossacks were probably philosophers like himself, for in answer to his inquiries they only blew clouds of tobacco and settled themselves more comfortably on their sacks.

The philosopher remained for a few minutes gigol the hall in order to look about him; then he stepped over the threshold with a certain nervousness.