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Kjo kopje e Katalogut të provimit është e palektoruar dhe teknikisht e parregulluar .. Testi nga gjuha e huaj përbëhet nga tri pjesë: të lexuarit, leksiku/ gramatika. VAREM Trajta e regullt HANGED përdoret kur është fjala për varjen e një personi nga xhelati. Test Model Per Gjuhen Angleze Gramatika e Anglishtes. TEST MODEL PER GJUHEN ANGLEZE Testi i gjuhës angleze, si lëndë me zgjedhje, për provimin e Maturës Shtetërore do të pëmbajë50 kërkesa. Të gjtha k Gramatika (Grammer Exercise) do të ketë 20 kërkesa. 3. Të shkruarit ( Writing).

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Gramatika e gjuhës angleze – Halit Burrniku – Google Books

Determiner – a, an, her, five, many, much several etc. Questions without the verb “to be” as the main verb 3. They come before the main verb, except if the main verb is the verb “to be” then adverbs comes after the verb. Comparative adjectives are divided into 2 groups “short words” and “long words”. How long is your class? Concrete nouns can be touched, felt, held, something visible, smelt, taste, or be heard.


Historia e gjuhes angleze

Adverbs of frequency are used in positive sentences. The frequency adverbs are placed after the main verb if the main verb is not the gramatikaa “to be.

Names of Company’s Microsoft, Amazon, Nike, etc. Are your children the 2nd grade? My birthday is Tuesday.

A or an can not be used with uncountable nouns. There are six cars parked on my street. Pronouns replace the noun.

Filma në gj. angleze me titra anglisht

Determiners, option and facts. It is very common to use adjectives with nouns.

Prepositions can’t come after a verb, but can be gramatikw before a gerund or verb in noun form. Our house is the end of the ggamatika. There are three types of prepositions. Time prepositions are used to define time. Our teacher is really good this year. The baby sleeps the night.

In questions when the verb “to be” as the main verb. Superlative adjectives are used to compare 3 or more nouns. Short words – words with 1 syllable or words with 2 syllables if the word ends in -y. Rules for Using Uncountable Nouns: There are six dogs in the room. Our teacher almost never gives us a lot of homework. There are diffrent types of nouns.


The 3 most common English prepositions that are used to represent time are: What are relative pronouns? When are you vjuhes to call her? During -The preposition “during” is used to represent the length of time of an action that is while the action is happening.

Him – John is going to give him the books soon. A word is an adverb if it answers one of the three questions, when, where or how. On – Is usually used to state someone or vramatika is on top of a surface. What is the grammatical structure frequency adverbs?

English Grammar ( Pjesa e parë) Gramatika e Gjuhës angleze |

The computer is the table. He – He went to the store. My sister paid for university herself. Countable Concrete Nouns singular -chair, computer, song, window plural – chairs, computers, songs, windows Uncountable Concrete Nouns water, air, oil, sugar, salt, rice, cheese etc.