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The following is an “Incompletion Triggers” list to assist you in evaluating your current This list has been taken from Getting Things Done. Trigger list for incomplete tasks for weekly planning under “collect” step of GTD (An Incompletion is anything you pay attention or give thought to that needs to. My tribute to all the GTD junkies out there (a group that for a long time included me) — a massive list of GTD stuff. It’s far from comprehensive.

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Recently, I transitioned from obsessing over providing Developers with APIs that would help them build amazing things with AI to obsessing about Healthcare and how AI can provide better care while lowering costs. Feature Development Scoping, customer interviews, idea validation, wireframes, designs, details and QA. This will help focus on what tasks you need to do.

He is also a Software Engineer who is passionate about personal productivity and the GTD philosophy as a means to a better life.

incompletion trigger list | Read, Write, Inspire

Chapters that blew me away and taught me something brand new: Decisions that have to be made. I evangalize GTD, teach people about it, and use the approach every single day.

Upcoming events birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, travel, social events, cultural events, sporting events, etc. I will continue to be a fanboy in How easy is to collect… and how much effort it takes!

The smartest engineers on our team at PivotDesk use only PivotalTracker and nothing else to manage their own personal life.

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So to start I drew up a Calendar as I like to always have a yearly outlook. Given a seed list of Ftd or a Notebook, I want Evernote to inco,pletion me: My buddy that has no clue about GTD but crushes it uses Wunderlist. Projects started, not completed. Within each Theme are several page stories written by Entrepreneurs, VCs and other interesting people in the software, internet, product development, startup realm.

What do your Areas of Focus look like?

My dailies are mostly Next Action lists for the day, events, memories and brain dumps. My company PivotDesk is based in Boulder, CO, one of the most vibrant business and tech scenes in the world.

Financial stuff budgets, forecasts, statistics, credit line, cash flow, etc.

I also do this with my boss as we have a weekly video chat standing meeting to review anything outstanding. This is the phase ilst which you generate ideas for your project.

Who needs to know? Once I have completed the item I cross it off both lists. To share any knowledge I may have or experiences I have. I am also working on a trigger list for my blog planner as well. This phase helps to set the boundaries and scope of your project and provide motivation. But what happens when a fanboy feels let down? However, the community around GTD is weakening.

Previous Social Networks and Productivity: What I did instead was create a list of my own, taking all the points which were relevant. During the past 2 yrs…. Be a fanboy, probably not. David recommends that you put all your ideas on paper, get them out of your head so you can formulate them in some order. But in the normal course of your day, there are many other things that demand part of your attention.


This new and strange noise you hear in the engine of your car, what can it be? I realize this sounds lame but I did it and it yielded results.

Using Agendas is a great way to cut down on daily nicompletion and task switching while still feeling organized. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I have no financial gain or career gain, I just want to help and got a goose egg…boo!

They know my travel habits based on where I save Notes and all of the travel data I store in Evernote.

It consists in identifying anything concerning your work or your personal life which you consider should be different, and put it all in one single place, which we can call the in-basket. The exercise of building them and the value they bring to a Mind Mapping or Design process have proved beneficial to me over the years.

Posts are closed to new comments after 30 days. David Allen summarizes this collecting phase in a very simple way: As you wake up to an inbox with 50 or so new emails as I do each day, Mailbox makes it very easy to archive, delay until later or reply.