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Multiple Demos and misc files. Contribute to o2platform/Demos_Files development by creating an account on GitHub. Foundstone Hacme Bank v™ Software Security Training Application User and Solution Guide Author: Shanit Gupta, Foundstone Inc. April 7, Proprietary. Hacme Bank simulates a “real-world” web services-enabled online banking application, which was built with a number of known and common.

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The users can create new accounts for any user, assign location and account type.

Buffer overflows, SQL injection and cross site scripting can all be prevented through proper data validation. All Rights Reserved – 26 Figure 23 So we input the text from step 2. Foundstone uses this application extensively in our Ultimate Web Hacking and Building Secure Software training classes with great success. Security in the Microsoft. The assumption is that only administrator will be able to calculate the response to the challenge officered.

Master the skills of an Ethical Hacker to better assess the security of your organization. It is not designed to be a good benchmarking platform for automated tools but it is interesting to compare the results of your favorite tools with the holes in the bank we have done this or put it behind a “web app firewall” no uptake from my recent challenge I am afraid, go figure!

By clicking on any one of these methods a user will uacme able to determine the expected input along with the datatype. All Rights Reserved – 42 www. All Rights Reserved – 49 Figure 41 Hacm attacker can then change the amount to and continue the request. As discussed before, the application is preconfigured with default accounts with different account types and cash balances.


So we will not be able to insert a new record by just assigning all the 5 columns of the database.

Attend a course taught by an expert instructor with years of in-the-field pen testing experience in our state of the art hacking lab. Acronym – Point ‘n Click Hacked.

Foundstone Hacme Bank v2.0 Software Security Training

The results of the query are displayed back to the user in well formatted rows and columns. All Rights Reserved – havme The error message obtained is: The result of the request can be viewed in the raw HTTP response using Paros, you can see that the column status is 1, it indicates that the auto increment is turned on for the column and hence the row insertion should not include the column name and value.

Foundstone Hacme Bank v2. All Rights Reserved – 17 Figure 18 www.

Hacme Bank

By adding these components to our free pentest lab, we hope to help new hscme and ethical hacker wannabes find their way into the security industry as qualified security professionals.

The address of the Microsoft SQL database server must be provided here along with the credentials to be used. All Rights Reserved – 2.


They are show in figures 9 to The internet communication is bani less secure than the intranet communication which requires the security mechanism such as authentication, authorization, confidentiality and data integrity in web services as well.

Windows will install IIS. Simply run the Microsoft FixIt tool available here and follow the prompts. View Cookie Policy for full details. Figure 6 requests details babk the database to be used. In each lesson, users must demonstrate their understanding by exploiting a real vulnerability on the local system.

Penetration Testing: RE: Hacme Bank

Server was unable to process request. To achieve this goal we provide a subset of features seen in all banking applications.

All Rights Reserved – 46 2 Corresponding Figure s left hand side menu Choose the source account to be one of your accounts from the drop list. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear.

The administrator can view all the existing users of the system along with their user name, log in id, and accounts assigned to them. Mark Ethical Bak at the InfoSec Institute. The drop down list provides a list of 15 predefined queries that the administrator can use to manage the database.