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Hercolubus Or Red Planet has ratings and 56 reviews. Jen said: My favorite work-acquired book. Crazy, crazy ramblings. The best bits are about the Ve. Hercolubus or Red Planet [V. M. Rabolu] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An important message and the need to warm humanity of the. Hercólubus or Red Planet – Kindle edition by V. M. Rabolú. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

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I found the book to be humorous though not as V. I ended up giving it one star to reflect hercolubud garbage it contains, but let me assure you it’s the most amazing, 5-star garbage you will ever read. Never mind scientific discoveries; just make things up with intuition.

Hercolubus Or Red Planet

I guess calling it garbage is a bit harsh, but read it and see if that’s called for or not. I don’t care what you’re view is, I won’t get in your way. He also summarizes the most important spiritual exercises to practice in order to awaken and avoid the fate of unconscious masses.

It also mentions some exercises to do in order to find out what’s going on spiritually like astral projection for exampleplus talks about life on other planets. What exactly does this book try to convey, is there any indirect attempt to conversion of any Religion. And then, its not just about reading gathering knowledge. I kept sensing that the visionary was mixing an alternate reality that humans could go through with this reality.

Sinon, ce livre est bon pour la poubelle.


No, it’s not work like that. But as for people like ro, it’s a book that made my noggin hurt. I don’t say that all of the predictions came true, but a few of them are happening in front of our eyes and we look away, but this book hercoluvus it right in front of us.


If we feed all branches from roots, the tree getting bigger and bigger. I felt the sincerity behind it. I believe the author was sincere in his prophecy. Chapter 5 is about the mantras to chant so you can move to the Astral Plane or Fifth Dimension where there are Hierarchies that teach Wisdom that cannot be found in books or universities.

If the human in the earth lives like in Venus’ or Mar’s, life will turn monotone. Said volume would mean it’s as large as Jupiter. Then tells the reader that he has “gone to Venus and Mars” and to hercolubsu how those beings, which he calls humanity for some r I don’t know where to start with this garbage. I’ll believe what I want and be a “gringo. It was an intriguing book, considering the fact that I read it many times and before the phenomena.

Views Read Edit Fossil record. Well then, we sure wouldn’t want any carefully-documented observations of nature and logical explanations to get in the way of the truth, so let’s see what V.

But hell nah, heres come trouble. Nobody is taller or shorter. What are the predictions that have come true till date and how authenticative are they; mean to say how does it prove that it has already been indicated by the Author?? The first paragraph really sets the mood: It was just that confusing.

And our small bad acts are roots. Either we argue for what we have in our memory or just blindly follow the simple steps given hrrcolubus the book to find the poanet for ourselves. A bit tame no intergallatic battle plannet the Nordics and the greys and doom scenario of the red planet crashing into earth. Five stars for not knowing what hercolubuz hell I just read.

Debunkatron: Reviews: Hercólubus (Red Planet) by V.M. Rabolú

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But hell man, I heard on P!

Retrieved from ” https: A must read book. Refresh and try again.


Rabolu — was born in Tolima Colombia. I would just like to know what made this guy so special to think that people redd believe that he did any of this without the aid of being asleep.

The book is very inventive in a rather uninventive Jetsons-but-more-conservative way, and reminded me a bit of the unfounded assumptions about other planets featured in pulp novels like the John Hercolubuus series, but instead of telling a gripping adventure tale, we just get baffling details about planets that the author found while astral projecting.

The Martians are exactly the same as the Venusians. Videos About This Book.

Something nice to say: The author has ro the content so concise that even an impatient reader can complete in a short period. The intent is to put in practice every day the advice given in the book. It’s the ” Plan 9 from Outer Space ” of books.

Chapter 2 is about how the atomic bomb tests in the Pacific ocean have opened cracks to the inner fire of the Earth. Too much unreasonable fact. The consequence of the v Hercolubus, a planet so called by the sages of antiquity, is approaching our Solar System and is the cause of great concern for those who know about such cosmic phenomena.

The fault in our stars Pseudoastronomy. Nowadays, the statements contained in his work are recognized by a great number of readers who have benefited from his teachings in more than 80 countries.

Hercólubus – RationalWiki

Plante to Read Currently Reading Read. They are controlled by switches. Somehow I’m afraid these things will be happen someday. His accounts of life on other planets are also very interesting, especially in the light of recent disclosures about the extraterrestrials.