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Enrol and use HMRC’s PAYE Online service to send payroll information to HMRC , and to access tax codes and notices about your employees. Make sure you pay HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) by the deadline. You’ll be charged interest and may have to pay a penalty if your payment is late. If you choose to post your payment to HMRC please use the computer-printed payslip we issue whenever possible. If you do not have your computer-printed.

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You can use a recruitment agency to do this or do it yourself. Part of Employ someone: Check if you need to put your employee into a workplace pension scheme: Being paid and payslips An employee has the right to know how much they will be paid and how often. If you didn’t receive your full pay, you should check your payslip and contract of employment to see if they explain why you have not been fully paid.

Being paid and payslips

Go to the PAYE payment slip. You are also responsible for ensuring that all mhrc who access the Website through your internet connection are aware of these terms and conditions, and that they comply with them.


If you are paying by post and you don’t have a printed payslip from HMRC you can complete and print off a Class 1A payment slip instead. Thank you for your feedback. When and how you should be paid When you start work your employer should tell you: More in this section AccessNI criminal record checks.

You may need to check someone’s paylip record, for example, if they’ll be working in healthcare or with children.

Being paid and payslips | nidirect

Check if they need to be put layslip a workplace pension. Send us your feedback. Tell HMRC about your new employee. UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. Producing payslips You may be able to produce payslips using your payroll software, if it has this feature.

What were you doing? Go to the Self Assessment payment slip. Check your business is ready to employ staff.

How to Pay HMRC

But if you are paying by post and you don’t have the computer printed payslip that HMRC sent; paydlip can complete and print off a Self Assessment payment slip instead.

Payslips You must give your employees a payslip on or before their payday. If you have an employee representative or you are a member of a trade union you could ask for their help. Employees have certain rights relating to payslips and what they must include. This is normally contained in your contract of employment. You need to advertise the role and interview candidates.


You can either print payslips to give to your employees, or you can send them electronically. What to include Payslips must show: Agree a contract and salary.

Is this page useful? HMRC’s bank account details click here to view.

Go to the Class 1A payment slip. Your employer might include additional information on your payslip which they are not required to provide, such as:. Find out about recruiting someone yourself on Acas Find out about using a recruitment agency As an employer you pzyslip make sure you recruit employees fairly. As an employer you must make sure you recruit employees fairly.

Feedback Would you like to leave feedback about this page? Send this with your cheque to HMRC. Corporation Tax payment options It is now mandatory to submit your Company Tax Return online and pay any tax electronically. HMRC recommends you pay online, or by online or telephone banking.

Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful Is there anything wrong with this page? An employee has the right to know how much they will be paid and how often.