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Datasheet, Download IRF datasheet. Cross ref. Similar parts: CSDKCS , CSDKCS, CSDKCS, CSDKCS, CSDKCS. NJ Semi-Conductors encourages customers to verity that datasheets are current TL. Package Body for 10s, See Techbrief Ipkg. IRF IRF Datasheet, IRF PDF, IRF Data sheet, IRF manual, IRF pdf, IRF, datenblatt, Electronics IRF, alldatasheet, free, datasheet.

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A standby current in the “OFF” state. It is designed to drive the gate of. Available in small outline SOIC packages.

The MIC is compatible with. Internal charge pump to drive the gate of an N-channel.

(PDF) IRF541 Datasheet download

Internal zener clamp for gate protection. The MIC charges a 1nF load in 60? Dynamic current threshold for high in-rush loads. Fault output pin indicates current faults. Implements high- or low-side switches. Other members of the Micrel driver family include the MIC Relay and solenoid drivers.

Protected under one or more of the following Micrel patents: San Jose, CA ? Absolute Maximum Ratings Note 1, 2. Operating Ratings Notes 1, 2. Input Voltage, Pin 1. Threshold Voltage, Pin 2. Sense Voltage, Pin 3. Source Voltage, Pin 4. Current into Pin 4. Gate Voltage, Pin 6. Fault Output Current, Pin 8. Pin Description Refer to Figures 1 and 2.

Sets current sense trip voltage according to: Adding capacitor C TH increases the. F for a 10ms turn-on time. Pin 3 is used in conjunction with a current shunt in the source of. Reference for the current sense voltage on pin 3 and return for the gate.


Connect to the load side of current shunt or kelvin lead of. Pins 3 and 4 can safely swing to? Drives and clamps the gate of the power FET. Pin 6 will be clamped to. Supply pin; must be decoupled to isolate from large transients caused by. F is recommended close to pins 7 and 5. Outputs status of protection circuit when pin 1 is high. Electrical Characteristics Note 3, 5 Test circuit. Supply Current, I 7.

IRF541 Datasheet PDF – Fairchild Semiconductor

Logic Input Current, I 1. Gate Turn-on Time, t ON. V IN switched from 0 to 5V; measure time. V IN switched from 5 to 0V; measure time. Threshold Bias Voltage, V 2.

Current Sense Trip Voltage. Peak Current Trip Voltage. Fault Output Voltage, V 8. A, current sense tripped. Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. Electrical specifications do not apply when.

Typicals are characterized at 25? C and represent the most likely parametric norm. Test conditions reflect worst case high-side driver performance. Low-side and bootstrapped topologies are significantly faster–see. Specification for packaged product only. When datasheef current sense has tripped, the fault pin 8 will be. Functional Description refer to block diagram.

The various MIC functions are controlled via a logic. When the input is low, all. High current pulse circuits demand equipment and assem. When the input is taken above the turn. The following are the sources of. A bandgap type voltage regulator is also turned. Circuits that are being pulse tested, or those that. The charge pump incorporates a kHz oscillator and on. The charge pump is capable of.

It is not uncommon datasheeet find bench.

The current sense operates by comparing the sense volt. Current I2 flowing in threshold pin 2 is mirrored and.


IRF Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

F supply bypass capacitor at the chip is. Resistances in circuit connections. An integrating comparator is used to. For example, a circuit. The latch is reset to turn. Wiring losses have a profound. An additional capacitor C TH from pin 2 to ground creates a. A floating millivoltmeter can. The MIC is suited for use in high- or low-side driver. R is selected to produce the desired trip voltage. In addition, the MIC Thresholds at the high end.

Low voltage, high-side drivers such as shown in the. Test Circuit are the slowest; their speed is reflected in the. The trip current is set higher than the maximum expected. The fastest drivers are the.

Turn-off times are essentially the. It is important to ground pin 4 at the current shunt. R Sto eliminate the effects of ground resistance. A key advantage of the low-side topology is that the load. Each topology is described in this. Note that I Las used in the design equations, is the.

Temperature coefficient is important; a. Low-side drivers constructed with the MICX family are. One additional pin, called “Kelvin source,”. R1 is sized for a current flow of 1mA, while. R2 contributes a drop of mV. The shunt voltage should.

The example of Figure 3. High-side drivers implemented with MIC drivers are. The design equations for a low-side driver using a current.