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Triclosan (Irgasan DP ) (List of chemicals that may cause contact dermatitis / Chemicalien die contacteczeem kunnen veroorzaken). Triclosan (sometimes abbreviated as TCS) is an antibacterial and antifungal agent present in . Chemicals, which was acquired in by chemical giant BASF. BASF currently manufactures TCS under the brand name Irgasan DP Irgasan® DP Product Info. Description, Language, Legal Area. Material Safety Data Sheet, EN, CA, View (k). Material Safety Data Sheet, FR, CA, View.

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Propanol propyl alcohol Isopropanol isopropyl alcohol Ethanol ethyl alcohol. In Maythe governor signed a bill banning triclosan-containing products in the state.

Disinfection of the skin with detergent preparations of Irgasan DP 300 and other antiseptics.

Four Decades of Regulatory Limbo. Views Read Edit View history. The FDA will ban antibacterial ingredients from soaps. Effective or Just Risky?

Disinfection of the skin with detergent preparations of Irgasan DP and other antiseptics.

Check date values in: Swiss Contact Dermatitis Research Group. A CNN article quotes the new law, “In order to prevent the spread of infectious disease and avoidable infections and to promote best practices in sanitation, no person shall 3300 for retail sale in Minnesota any cleaning product that contains triclosan and is used by consumers for sanitizing or hand and body cleansing.


Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Washing Away Triclosan with Legislation and Regulation. Triclosan can react with the free chlorine in chlorinated tap water to produce lesser amounts of irbasan compounds, such as 2,4-dichlorophenol. Triclosan is soluble in ethanolmethanoldiethyl etherand strongly basic solutions such as a 1 M sodium hydroxide solution, but only slightly soluble in water.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research. Triclosan has also been shown to be effective in treating the rare and currently incurable skin disorder, Hidradenitis suppurativa.


Production of N-Vinyl Pyrrolidone”. The earliest known safety testing began in Triclosan 3000 been employed as a selective agent in molecular cloning. While studies using semi-permeable membrane devices have found that triclosan does not strongly bioaccumulate, methyl-triclosan is comparatively more stable and lipophilic and thus poses a higher risk of bioaccumulation.

Reopening of the Administrative Record. It is also used as an additive in plastics, polymers and textiles to give these materials antibacterial properties. Retrieved May 3,https: National Association of Clean Water Agencies website.

It has also been found in land animals including earthworms and species higher up the food chain. A critical review of the literature”.

Lay summary — ScienceDaily Nov 30, When triclosan is released into the environment, additional exposure to the chemical is possible through ingesting plants grown in soil treated with sewage sludgeor eating fish exposed to it.


Inthe US FDA began the drug review monograph process for “over-the-counter OTC topical antimicrobial products,” including triclosan and triclocarban. Triclosan Irgasan DP Triclosan can be synthesized through a three-step process starting with 1- 2-hydroxyethyl pyrrolidinone.

Retrieved October 27,from http: Degradation in Soil and Translocation into Onion and Tomato”. Some of these intermediates convert into dioxins upon exposure to UV irggasan from the sun or other sources. Triclosan sometimes abbreviated as TCS is an irgasn and antifungal agent present in irgadan consumer products, including toothpaste, soapsdetergentstoys, and surgical cleaning treatments.

Triclosan – Wikipedia

irvasan As little triclosan is released through plastic and textile household consumer products, these are not considered to be major sources of triclosan contamination. Global warming may increase uptake and effects of triclosan in aquatic organisms. Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Environmental concentrations and toxicity”. The 19 ingredients are: